Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning Greetings

I knew I owe you guys, but i really cant have time to do my online obligations in this site. I still have pending reviews to do but don't have time to do, maybe this weekend. I was pretty busy with some product reviews of a client. In fact, i am not feeling good today because of so much stressed. Ive been making 12 - 15 reviews a day and my brain seems to drained. But i always motivates myself to finish everything because I'm building my own credibility too. Today when i checked my email, i saw an advertiser's notice, another task again for this blog. I hope i can finish all before the weekend. Tomorrow is another busy day for me, i need to go to downtown to deposit the payment of a product that I've brought. I also need to buy my globe tatoo or smart bro. Hayst, i have plenty of things to deal with. This put a hole in my pocket.hehehe.

Well, i just dropped my morning greetings guys. Ill be at your doorstep later. Have a great day.