Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just Taken Away,,,

First off, i want to apologize to my readers for having had the chance to read some personal matter i aired in my sites. I knew i shouldn't have done that as anyone can read those and the comments that i have been receiving made me realize, i should choose what i need to be publish and not because i am the owner that i can just abused anything that concerns and that includes ranting my emotional baggage's.

Yes, i had been hurt and one way to just lessen those is to just open it up. My hubby was right, there's nothing wrong in keeping yourself grounded and when i just think of the blessings that the Almighty God has bestowed on me, do i need to do this? There would just time that we have our own weaknesses as human being but rest assured that i will make it less public and refrain from using any of my sites.

To my readers and closed blogger friends, thank you bearing with me in the rough times.. Just be assured that you can read just informative posts and less personal rants. To that, a blessed Sunday to one and all.