Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Through the Years

One familiar song inspired me to write this posts, since paid post is slow this week, i am just thankful that i had a great day as we ve had constant chat with my lalabs. Through the Years is really a great song for us, well the lyrics is so inspiring and heartwarming that i cant help but smile whenever i heared the song. It just tells us how our relationship went thru a lot of tests, of ups and downs but nevertheless, we remain strong, we had a solid bond because of this trials.
He will be coming over again to have his visit this march, and we are planning to meet at Cebu, hopefully all be well. You know what, i never regret anything about our relationship, though we are miles apart, i knew he was been a good lover, sweetheart, a provider, a friend and mostly the best boyfriend you can find in this complicated world. Best of Luck to us!