Friday, August 29, 2008

Text Message Snoop

I guess its just so natural that whenever our partners are not around, we tend to check their phones for curiosity's sake, maybe just to check out who texted them very often, but whether we admit it or not the main reason why we want to check the mobile phones of our partner secretly is to find out if they have hidden secrets in their most private phones. According to study, women are more likely to check the mobile phones of their partners secretly, and that 73 percent of these sneaky checkers wished they hadnt, and 10 percent of these women ended their relationship because of SMS snooping.
Well, isnt it great to just have trust and confidence to our significant other rather than creating doubts and secret SMS spy, at the end it pays to be trusting.

The biggest boxing fight is on

It was confirmed by Manny Pacquio that he will be fighting Oscar de la Hoya by December 6, 2008, at MGM Grand, Las Vegas Nevada. There were news that negotiotions between the fight was not clear yet since there had been demands for both sides especially on how to split the revenue, which makes it too hard for both parties to decide evenly.
Nevertheless, the most awaited fight will be materialized very soon.Formal announcement with regards to the fight will be done by de la Hoya this week.