Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Woman Loves

Sapient and Satient - that is a woman. She is loved, she is cared, she is down sometimes yet smiles even at her weakest. No one can ever described what a woman is and what a woman can do for her loved ones. I was once talking to a dear friend and while we are having a great conversation, i was like doing a retouch since we're about to leave after a busy day. She then smiled and quoted " a woman indeed". I smiled back and continue what i was doing. Indeed, vanity is always the bestfriend of every woman. We love making ourself presentable and good looking to the eyes of everyone, and who wouldnt, right? In fact, a woman could spent a good amount for her beauty stuff and other personal needs. Nonetheless, a woman can also be a superwoman if the situation needs it, she would do everything, accepts even the dirtiest job just to meet both ends, she would struggle and survives in most of her battles in life. Thats how resilient a woman is, thats how strong we are and thats a real woman.

But no matter how busy or how hard life may seems to be to every girl, mind you she wouldnt forget her personal beauty regime, right girls? In fact, i cant sleep without washing my face, putting a toner and applying for a cream whenever i go to work. It isnt because i wanted to become the most beautiful girl in the place but rather i wanted to make myself presentable and be respected. Yes, beauty and respect comes together. When people look at you as neat and good looking, they would appreciate your hygiene stuff and gets respect. That's the single step for personal empowerment. Anyway, speaking of beauty stuff, i just spent maybe a generous amount for all of my beauty and personal hygiene products. But i have no regrets at all, thats why im working to buy all those things. And on my next salary i am planning to buy a personalized tote bags because my office bag is quite out of style already. Maybe i would also buy my niece a nice pair of shoes or a school bag, ive seen a plethora of kids backpacks at the mall the other day, i might buy one of those great style backpack. Well, i coudnt help myself from being an impulse buyer. I wish i could coz i still have lots of things to be prioritized this year. Part of my plans is to do some renovations and have a garden at home, i wish i could do something to beautify our lawn like what ive seen at an online site the other day and avail of dallas lawn care. They have the best men in landscaping and everything about yard maintenance. Well i have so many thoughts today. Hope one could materialize one day.

My Busy Saturday

The reason why i havent updated my blog last saturday was because yours truly was super busy. First off, i had to visit my doctor because of my urninary tract infection after which i picked up my grocery then buy some personal things. I asked my friend to go with me because i was a bit afraid in going to my doctor alone. Thanks to my ever loving and sweet boyfriend who was kinda mad at me already for the UTI thing but managed to settle everything to clear up things. The medicine alone make a hole in my pocket but as my hubby told me, whats important is my health and that i would manage to be healthy at all times. Its really nice to feel secured and loved by someone who had accepted the entirety of you. The night before my doctors appointment, he called up so many times to assured me that he is there for me. We availed the high dosage med so that i would be treated the soonest. I was never expecting that i can possibly avail of all of those because of limited budget but he offered all those necessary health procedures that should be done. I mean, not all boyfriends are considerate and sensitive enough. But he is the type who would really do everything to make things rights. I really wish he could schedule his visit as early as this year, hopefully. He is excited to meet my family and so as my family too.

To my dearest hubby, thank you for everything youve done for me and will be doing for me. I knew i have said it a lot of times but i would never get tired of telling you that i would always be here for you. I would take good care of you. Ill fight for you in the same way as youve fight for me. Ill be proud of you in the same way as you tell youre friends and family about me and about us. Thank you for making me feel special all the time, for making me feel like i am never alone especially during the times that im down. Thank you for making the world wonderful for me. Like ive said last night, i wish youre here when i was so afraid of the syringe, when i was so down, when im so tired, when i felt unspecial, when people are just so cruel. But then as you've said, even though youre not here physically but your heart and mind is always on me, about me and for me. That was the most touching line far better than Julia Roberts line at Notting Hill. wink*