Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heared About Bat Mitzvah?

I complain to my sister recently because my knees seems to be aching. I have been experiencing these for a couple of times and im a bit worried. I was thinkin maybe its an arthitis thing but am i old to have that? Well, i cant disclose my age but im always careful in what im eating and i heard that most of the time people who have genetical history on that illness may possibly inherit the said leg pain. I dont think my family has a history for such, well im not sure either since im not familiar with my parents health background. Whatever the cause of this painful knee, i am sure that in the coming days, ill drop by at my doctor to have it check right away. If i remember it right, if this stuff is about the constant wearing of heels, then it might be healed if given the proper rest. Hence, i couldnt feel that its about the heels im wearing coz if its the rootcause of this problem then my feet would also be having some painful thing, right?

Anyway, we just arrived after picking up some stuff. I bought some grocery for the dessert i am making while the brother pick up for home consumption. I noticed, few people on the streets, maybe they already done shopping. Kinda late since we attended in cleaning with our home after the flood while me on the other hand became busy with some of my online tasks that just the thought of losing them seems to wary my system. Ohh well, before i forget, i am here to talk about bar mitzvah and bar mitzvah planning. Does anyone here have an idea onbat mitzvah ? Its the first time i encounter such name and hope to do some good research on it.

Closing 2011 Meme

Few hours more and we will now bid goodbye to 2011. Today marks the end of the calendar yet its just right to say that the memories created on this year will remain on our hearts. It became a tradition to have our annual gatherings and exchange gifts right after the countdown. Today, like what we used to do, we were so busy preparing for our gifts, wrapping up for our prices, preparing for games and of course preparing for our later Noche Buena. Glad, that God is so good to us, on our family. Its pretty amusing that whenever we have some celebration or even just family gatherings, expenses became easily handled because its divided among us. Although, the brother mostly takes charge of everything but the thought that unlike before we can enjoy some pretty good food and buy stuff we havent experience before. Every new year is our hope for a bountiful journey, like yours we always pray for God;s guidance since this year is indeed an important year for the family. Its always our hope and prayer that our sister will be able to make it in the board exam.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Need for Employee Recognition

Im running out of words here. Honestly, doing five to ten reviews in a row for a week makes my head crazy. I am always looking for a new introduction and heck my brain seem to freeze when i overused it, do you experience such stuff too? How do you overcome it? Quite odd, but did you know that im making two posts simulatenously, i need to multitask and publishing two posts made me hit my quota earlier. Havent you realised how my butt is a bit hardworking these days? Well, i am dude and despite the pressure and the thought of staying in bed, i opt to work with these stuff. Better invest and make my day productive if i can.

Anyway, i am supposed to write here about employee recognition. So let me start here by asking my readers, are you satisfied with your current job?I knew some will just shake their head because its a very fact that most of us wishes to have someone's else shoe. In any case, contentment doesnt just lie on one factor. The salary maybe a major thing but all the rest says something else. Id like to mention that not all companys are hard on its employees. There are organizations whose goals and programs centered on pro employee. They have certain benefits and incentive program that are indeed pleasing to the eye of the worker. I figured, having an incentive programs whatever industry you are in is a truly a big factor. It gives higher motivation to the worker not only to work more but give a little concern to the organization. Right, workers? So if you are scouting fop a new job now then try to do some brief research of the company you opt to get into. At least, you will have an idea of the things that are negotiable and non-negotiable based on your principles and morals.

Womens Wallets On Sale

The countdown is almost over. One more day to go and 2012 will be dominating the world.So what's with the brand new year? Do you have a strange feeling on the coming year? I do, perhaps because i watched the 2012 doomsday movie and i just cant erased every scenes that i vividly remember. Im afraid of the possibility that it might happen very soon but honestly its not the scary side of it that made me sad of 2012 but its the thought that the journey will finally end and i figured im not yet ready.A friend once told me that wherever we are and whatever status we have, we should always be prepared. As they say, no one knows when our contract will end and even the angels in heaven are clueless to the worlds end. If that day happpens, do you thinnk you are ready to face HIM? What will you tell HIM? Do you think you have done something else that can make you proud of your lifes accomplishments?

Indeed, life is not just about trophies, money and nice mansions. Its far more than that. Its about intangible stuff that you extend to yout neighbors wholeheartely. Its about following God's commandments. Well, i knew i have so many holes in my life yet im not ashamned of acknowledging it coz like yours there are times that my human mind is stronger than my will to stay guided with his words. Anyway, im talking so much here. I forgot that i need to browse about purse hanger, womens wallets and pill boxes. They are essential stuff for us women and before this year closes, i have to pick my personal stuff first.WE have this tradition that when the year starts you have to follow some traditions and myths so that the entire year will be as progressive and abunndant as you wish. WE have few to mentions myths lie completing the round fruits which we normally follow. Theres nothing wrong in doing that so why not try it, if you think good luck will knowck on your door.

Eden Pure Heaters

While doing this post, i am watching a tv show. It is hosted by the famous presidential sister and the show features a tour in her house. As expected, it so classy and sophosticated. Most of her furnitures are designed by famous interior designer. How we wish we are on her show but hey we have our own life and each journey lies on our hand for us to struggle and fight every battle. Anyway, i was able to take some glimpse on her bedroom, on her living room and i was able to see her comfort room. As she quote, she doesnt even have a bathtub and her house is far beyond her personality on the televison. BUt i guess there is eden pure heaters on her comfort area. I just saw the shower room and the toilet area but was not so sure if there an edenpure heaters.I knew they need a heater coz most of them arrived early in the morning annd im sure they ccant withstand the cold water, right? Whatever, im pretty sure this lady will settle with branded stuff like eden pure. Its a famous brand so i will not be surprise if she pick the said home stuff.

Well, so much about her. Its past eleven in the morning. I had a good rest today and i feel so rejuvenated. I need that because the flood thing was very stressful. Just imagine btaking our dinner on the side of the highway but it was worth of the experience. Before i forgot, its a day more before welcoming a brand new year, are you already readdy? have you pick your grocery? Hopefully, coz im so sure i will be joining the rest of the guys for the last minute grocery.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pretty Occupied

As you can see guys, i am bombarded with few tasks and finishing them all seems to be impossible. I have forfeited few tasks already while the rest remain to be idle still.Most of them requires 300 words review and starting a topic seems too hard this time. Most of them are assigned to me few days from now and just prioritizing whichever is close to its expiration. As this typing, we're just done with the dinner. I asked my mom to cook a sweet and sour fish. I missed eating this dish and my craving was finally satisfied because i made sure it was cooked the way i like. I bought a can of pineapple chunks to make it more tasty and i kinda liked the way it was served.Theres no place like home, indeed.

Some Fundraising Ideas for Kids

The tragic disaster that heppened in CDO alarmed millions of peole worldwide. I heard over the radio that private individuals sent their donations while other companies have already pledge on some help. The good thing about this world is that humanitarian aid is ready to help. I can name some wordwide organizations who are really instrumental for fast recovery of some of our friends. To name some, thers this Red Cross, Kiva, Word Visions and many more. Locally speaking, there are also few Non- Government Organizations whose goals centered on poeverty reduction, environmental protection and some are chil care. I salute the people behind these charitable org because in one way or the other they really helped those folks who are in bad need.

Nonetheless, we dont need to join them for us to be able to reach out. There are plenty of ways to help people who are in need. For instance, you could send your used clothes, toys, books and maybe donate few bucks if you have an extra. Such things are just few to mention ways to help. For matters or projects that you want to build, theres no room to be hopeless because of this fast medium to seek help there is ultimate way to be heard. For instance, if your school needs few tools or any projects you opt to begin then have some school fundraising ideas. Im sure it would be a good idea to have the project materialize. There are so many ways and in fact i can name some fundraising ideas for kids. Speaking of fundraising, the nephew is presently a candidate for a fundraising activity conducted at their school.Im gald they started for one for at least their dream school project will come into reality soon. For some more fundraising ideas for kids, check out the net.

On Wireless Doorbell

What a pleasant surprise today. A good friend way back in college just arrived and he told me he arrived while their house was flooded. I told him that maybe its signals to have their house renovated. He just smiled. Well, this friend works in a call center and he belongs to the third sex. Its innate to him to be very sweet and charming. We used to bond a lot when we were still studying. When we had our on the job training, he was paired with a friend too but most of the time, i will join their group especially if we need to spend some night encoding and finishing our thesis. I missed those times, really but now that we are finally on our own feet. I can say that we were successful in making our life better.

I knew im invading his privacy but to just share some inspiring thoughts, this former classmate is self supporting. He used his free time to augment his living and to support his studies. Today, i knew he is so fulfilled for having reap the fruit of all his sacrifices. I knew few people who have really reached their dreams and aspirations and im sincerely happy for them. Anyway, i remember this friend of mine because he is asking me about the price range of wireless doorbell. They encountered a theft incident recently and he told me that a driveway alarm will ne needed very soon. I think ive seen a wireless driveway alarm at a hardware store but i havent seen how much it cost. I hope i could help him in his search coz he will go back to his work the soonest. Hence, we will be meeting up in few days to catch up each other lives. I just cant imagine how fun that day is knowing these people.

Get an Event Log Management Tool

Are you fond of going into concerts? Perhaps your friends do. I can count on my fingers on the times ive watched a concert. I was born on those times where concert halls were still out of pictures so my younger years were mostly on friends bonding and outing. Speaking of concert, i couldnt help but remember those silly time where we watched a fiesta concert at the nearby City. We were so excited going there coz its our first time to watch such event and having the chance to personaly see a celebrity is a big deal to us. No kidding, until now(lol).So right after the jeep park, we hurriedly look for the perfect place for us. Since, its a fiesta celebration so expect it to be as crowded as expected. We just stayed at the back because its hard to go to be at the front row. Well, theres this chance of going in so we immediately grab that chance without us knowing how bad it was. We just realised we were on trap when we find ourselves crying for help because we were trapped by these evil man who were trying to take advantage of us. Gladly, the event organiser saw what was happening on our side and rescue us. Its the worst thing that ever happened to us. If only they have event log reporting or maybe an event log management. Then i dont think the event will turned out to be that disorganised. I heard the performers of the show that night didnt pursue performing because of the chaos that was already happening at that time. Indeed, if you are planning to host or organise a concert soon then get this vital tools like windows security log reporting and active directory monitoring to help you with all your stuff and have you personally check to details. Its very important for any event.

Hooker Furniture: A Classy Piece

A home wouldnt be complete without some classy and stunning furniture.Although, other decors and a painting of your house would matter to them but when you have a fantastic piece of furniture at the heart of your living room then what would i say but your visitors would surely have with them the impression of a great living. This fact explains why most of us scouts for a unique find, dont we? I mean as much as possible we dont like our chairs to be the same as the neighbors chairs and our table relatively similar with them. For some reasons, it doesnt looks good having a complete immitation of what other have. A unique an fantastic find will surely warms your heart.

So where do you shop for your furniture? What are some things do you look for in shopping? Is it the quality or the material? The budget or is it the brand? I knew for sure that each one of us has certain stuff to look for when buying for our piece. Some may look for a color and style that would fit with the theme of the house. Other would always consider the price regardless of the quality while some would consider everything we mentioned. Modesty aside,there are things in life that are worth of every penny. Thats why some of us invests on things no matter how expensive it is because every inch of quality of that merchandise is all wirth of every penny you barter. So folks whether you're looking for Hooker furniture,Lexington furniture or Lea furniture. Trust the leader in furniture making.Have your next furniture produced by The online portal is a home of quality piece at reasonable prices. They have fantastic and proven customer satisfaction so you dont worry in case you need to get back on them.

Custom Built Trailers

These days where multitasking is of trend. Theres nothing more rewarding than to have your own investment even at the stake of starting it in an experimental way. I mean there's no successful endeavor that doesnt have the share for low downs. Most encounter turbulent times before they hit the capstone of their success.What i noticed now is that, owning a franchise seems to be so trendy. If you happen to notice while walking at the aisle of the mall. You can see few stalls or boots, right? Some are selling potato fries, other indulge in donuts, drinks, hotdogs and other saleable food sticks that catches the public attention. These kind of business is indeed on the go because many of us realised that its booming. It is indeed, as its evident how they popped up like mushroom recently.

On the upside, stall business made you stick just to one location. Whether the mall will be loaded or not, you dont have choice at all but to stick with your designated place of selling. How about considering on Custom Concessions? This is the unique way to match up the stall type of selling. Instead of renting a stall this type operate on vending cart. You used a state of the art mobile concession stand and you can visit any place of crowd destination exactly as where you want it to park. Isnt it fantastic? Well, if you want to grab youw own concession stand on the road, then inquire at are the leader and most reputable manufacturer on custom concessions. So what are you waiting for, request a quote now. 

Cleaning Session

The thing is, i dont have a choice at all but to clean my room personally. Yesterday, i asked someone to help me cleaned the aftermath of the floods. We end up picking up few cans, plastics, paper stuff and other garbages. After they sweept the mud, i asked them to clean the walls and window. I couldnt explain how my muscles were tired after the clean up. Now, the second day, i did other minor stuff like changing my bed sheet, pillows, fixing my cabinet and cleaning up my shoe rack. I was in the midst of a serious clean up mojo when i had the chance to check my laundry basket, worst i was surprised that my dirty clothes were all wet. Good thing i check it or i end up having a smelly clothes after the new year. I ask someone to immediately have my laundry. Glad, i noticed it. After the flood, at least half of the house was tunrned back to normal. On a little side of it, were still grateful its not as worst as what happened to CDO, right guys? With all these things that happened, i have few things to be grateful, one i have a family that sticks with each other and second to have had a great partner. He will really be there for me all the time. During the flood, he called up more than ten times, to check every detail of it. He is the best man i ever had.

Anyway, another sharing from me:


If you do not, then you will forever be looking to others to prove your own merit to you, and you will never be satisfied. You will always be asking others what to do and at the same time resenting their help. Trust in yourself starts with being ok with the consequences of your decisions.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Party Supplies Cheap


Last month i organised two parties specifically birthday parties. One for the nephew and the other one for my mom. I realised, its never easy to host for such occassion especially if you have still few schedules to fix. Picking up your party needs is a lot stressful than what you think. In our case, we transfer from our party needs store to the other because some has this stuff while the other has none. We need to stick to our budget too so that everything else will not be destroyed. From picking up the invitations to preparing the dish, you all need to oversee it so that you cant missed any important stuff.

For instance, before telling the budget to the hubby, i did first some canvass of all the stuff we need. I list down the items i need and asked some stores how much they charge for each and gladly i was able to get an affordable party needs through a friends recommendation. The day before the kids party, i was kinda having a headache since i need to prepare the party bags, order ballons, sort out invitations and fix last minute change. Good thing, i was abit experienced in organizing parties so i was used to pressure and party stress.Well, im talking too much on party need so why not leave you some good links to browse. Check out if you are in a look out for party supplies cheap and of course to save some, you could just get some party supplies discount. I hope i did help you in your coming party needs. Dont forget to get some silly string guys. Enjoy guys. Dont forget to savor the moment. Dont let your preparation ruin the entire essence of the occassion. Bear in mind that you are there to celebrate and not to become the event hostess.

For Your Panel Saw Needs

I had a tired and exhausted body now. After the flood, the clean up part was the hardest part. Just imagine sweeping all those garbages and the mud all over the house. It doesnt stop there. You need to have it rinse like several times after cleaning it with a powdered soap. I really want to give up as i finished cleaning my room. Just imagine doing one fourth of the entire property and yet i am alrealy exhausted, how much more doing the entire cleaning. Good thing, my other siblings did their part and im glad we were trained to become responsible all the time. Anyway, i recently realised that cleaning is not my thing. I mean i can do multiple write ups, you can leave me with just a pen and a paper and maybe a laptop alone will never make me feel worried and quitting. But heck, cleaning and sweeping, can i just ask someone to do it for me? Well, we all have reasons behind our lame excuses and i know i have formulated the perfect alliby for my stupid reasoning.

Anyway, aside from the mud and garbages i also saw few logs that was washed out during the flood, I knew some trees were uprooted because of the strong current especially if the trees were located near the river where current is at its extreme. Hence, if one needs some machinery equipment to then you can find huge selection of panel saw and cnc router at reasonable price. For online transaction, you can browse at An online portal that sells state of the art and top quality machine merchandise. I remember a friend looking for cnc router and i will send her a message to browse the site. What a perfect idea. I knew its not easy to pick for a sturdy machine and for your saw needs just order it online.

Professional Beauty Supply: The Best Find


I knew you will agree with me if i say that most women do spend generous amount for their beauty supplies. No matter how tight her budget is, she would willingly set aside certain amount for her beauty rituals. I mean theres nothing wrong in making yourself pleasing to others eye. As they say when we feel good on ourself then it helps boosts our self confidence which i believe is very important to polish our best skills and personality.Hence, every woman has unique needs. It always vary depending on your assets and how you best see yourself. For instance, there are women out there who are not satisfied with the color of their skin that they end up getting some bleaching products while its a very fact that whitening products are indeed saleable. This fact tells us that we are so conscious with our skin that we embrace the standards of white beauty.

In any case, if you feel getting those whitening products will make you confident then i guess theres nothing wrong on investing for such beauty supplies. Well, aside from those skin enhancing products, what beauty products you cant live without? Im sure you have unending lists on that. But before we take that one by one. let me ask you this, do you often get professional beauty supply? or do you go for friends pick? Whatever is that, please bear in mind that its always safe to ask for your dermatologist to prevent any side effects. Speaking of beauty supplies, perhaps i can recommend you to get or buy opi nail polish coz i knew the very fact that we cant get enough of our nails, right ladies? and if you want to save few bucks then settle with beauty products wholesale, how about that? I hope ive given you few tips and helpful ideas for your next purchase.


A morning greings despite the uncomfortable situation i am in. We stayed at the evacuation center because most of the houses are flooded. The heavy rain has finally came into a devastating flood. I nevver expect that it will soon erupt when there was no sign of it even in the early morning. Gladly, my honey was over supportive. He checked on me from time to time and despite the offer from friends and relatives to be witth them, we opt to stay at the hall. It was a lot of fun and as always charge to experiemce.

Yet, im always grateful for God's guidance on us.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Stop Compulsive Eating this Holiday

This holiday where too many food and desserts are served, my diet is simply destroyed. How can i resist from just looking at that yummy pork belly and sweets that just a glimpse would make you get a spoon to try it the soonest? Im sure you can relate with my dilemma. Its hard to count the calories when you cant even resist the temptation of those sinly desserts. I wish i dont have the sense of smell and taste so that i will never be bothered by it. Well, i just had this thought that lossing weight is just a matter of discipline and extra effort. Because im extra careful of gaining abouther kilos this weekend, i try to browse for tips how to stop eating. I do mean of doing something to resist your appetite. In one way or the other, your appetite simply play a huge role for your weight. If your appetite is so great then you cant resist from tasting those foods served at the table to the extent that you end up having a bloated stomach.

While the celebration is few days more, i still have ample of time to search for some tips how to stop compulsive eating. Maybe this will help me overcome my habit of loving any food during meal time. The online resources nest down some valuable inputs like how to stop compulsive eating articles. They are a big help to people who wanted to continue their diet despite the temptation of the Holiday.I admit im extra conscious now because i hate to gain again. I was already successful in shedding out unwanted fats and i dont want to gain that again. Hopefully, i can find the right resolution.Its not yet too late, before the year closes i knew i can find the best technique how to not overeat. Do we have the same problem?

Connecticut Day Care

I remember i talked about a nephew who is under my care. She is adorable because she talks a lot especially if im stressed, i used to enjoy talking to her because of her innocence. They used to talk often with my honey and the latter would always tell her to be good and if she does, the honey will treat her. The first time my love saw her, she was so thin that time because they just arrived from the place they used to live. She is far beyond the cute kid we used to adore. After breaking the news about the separation of her parents, my mom decided to just let her stay at the house first and thats the time my mom enrolled her to a day care class. I knew she's kinda old for that but as my love told me, it never matters since she would just skipped some level if she will qualify. The hubby loves her so much and i am kinda touched the way he takes good care of her. Anyway, the kid bugged me if she can go with us if honey arrives and for sure she will be with us from the day the hubby step on the place. How lucky this little girl coz im very sure she will be pampered so much when the honey came over.

Well, the hubby is asking me to scout for possible preschool for the kid at the City where she has recently bought a property. He used to tell me about CT preschool and Connecticut day care. He said, he always passed by on the day care centers and he used to see little kids eating ice cream. The honey indeed has a soft heart for little angels thats why he cant help himself from helping the poor kids.So much for my honey, i need to search now on Pittsburgh day care. This preschool is well known at Pittsburgh. I want to know this school more.

Is Cell Booster Essential?

These days i am kinda grateful a mobile phone is invented. Yesterday, the sister was at the mall with her boyfriend. I was left alone at the house and end up sleeping after i was done with all my tasks. I was craving for a siomai yet i dont feel like going out because of the heavy rain. Instead, i sent an sms to my sister to buy me some and to buy me a mag too. Those moments i realise, how marvelous our technologies are. We can do whatever we want and even the impossible will become possible because of the high tech gadgets that we have.

Whoever invented the cellular phone is a modern day hero. I knew you can relate to me how this portable gadgets play an instrumental role in our day to day activities. If we want to catch up with our friends, then theyre just a text away. If we want to send important message to our family, in just a second our message will finally reached them unlike before that it took us few days before a reply will be known.Whatever it is that they say that is a side effect of this gadget is sometimes just because of our negligence of its true essence. But in any case, if you wanted to scout for more add on stuff for your mobile phone then why not consider a cell booster. I mean a cell phone signal booster will help you have a good signal wherever you are. You dont need to be at your rooftop or have your mobile phone placed on the top of your cabinet just to be able to send because this time around and with the help of cell phone booster, you can absolutely enjoy your cellular phone to the fullest.

Looking for some Pool Covers?


The rain is nonstop and i cant help byt get worried because our place is a flood prone area.It was barely few months since we were hit by the devastated flood. We end up sleeping at the evacuation center because our house was among those that were hit by the drowning water.On the other hand, these rainy season, children are among those happy guys because they could play around. The neighbors kid is so happy because the rain is pouring so hard.He asked his mother if he can play outside while the rain is pouring. When i checked outside, i saw them together with other kids playing their favorite ball games.

I used to play with the rain when i was a bit younger. I joined my other playmates while we play our favorite games and take a bath outside while we laugh and giggle as we wait for those tiny drops of rain. The feeling is good because you can feel so carefree nontheless, however, old folks advised us not to do it often coz we might get sick. Since kids love water and its very evident how they bugged us to go to the beach if the weather is kinda good. No wonder, summer time means beach adventure, right? How about if you're far away from the beach, how would you treat your kids?I guess its high time you install a pool at the backyard. Quite expensive, right? But if you have the budget then why not then get along with it some pool covers. There are plethora of pool covers and pool heater to choose from. Well, if you little kids at home then i urge you to have a pool inside your home. They will surely love swimming and have fun while they are just a glimpse away. Sometimes, we have to pamper them and seeing their excitement would surely vanished our worries.

Rainy Morning Greetings

Good morning folks, hows the weather in your place? Gracious, it has been few days that the rain is non stop pouring. My partner seems to worry too much, he asked me to be  vigilant because we might be floode. Hopefully not coz its going to be a rainy celebration for the New Year. Im planning to go to the mall later but i dont think ill pursue the plan. Im lazy going out with the heavy rain outside. On the other note, im still not yet done with all my pending tasks so expect more posts later. Goodluck to me then.

Monday, December 26, 2011

On Network Storage Device

A friend messaged me awhile ago. She was asking if i knew something on system administrator. I was suprised on his thought since she knew for a fact that my field is on public administration. Maybe, she confused herself on the idea that i administered few sites. If only she knows that the portals are just products of research and friends advised. Thanks to my friends online and to a software engineer who later became a close friends and helped me a lot in almost anything. This friend from India knows a lot. From all the programming codes to the best picked on site hosting and storage stuff. He even mentioned to me about iscsi storage. I was juts listening to him since i dont have any idea about what he is talking about. I have heard about storage area network but i dont know the entire thing. Its actually hard to feed your brain with stuff that you barely know coz in this case i end up researching word for word. Its highly technical, so if the friend asked me again about network storage device, i will just advised her to have it searched in the net. Im sure it will gives her so many relative inputs.

Auto Repair Tools: Why You Need to Bring it Everyday?

Did i mentioned before that the line of specialization of my father is on mechanics. He holds the title as Mechanical Enginner and his former work experience touches on different enviroment. He was once a part of bottling company then later on joined an oil refinery. At present, he is at a service center for cars and this time around he supervises car engines and addresses certain maintenance stuff. There was one time where we dropped at home because our car was not working well. The driver was complaining that we might not be able to arrive safely. Since they dont have any idea about my father, i decided to drive home and asked the father to check our engine. Good thing my father has automotive repair tools and fix our car. The driver was so amased how he has perfectly tuned in the vehicle. Unluckily, he didnt bring his automotive repair tools so he cant do anything to fix the problem. I figured, its deemed important to always bring in your auto repair tools especially if youre on long travel.WE dont know what will happend on the street and for safety purposes, its just right to consider some such untoward incident.

Food for the Soul

You've got to live life, not think about it. Step into the midst of things, try and fail and learn and stand up again. The question is not whether you will or will not make mistakes - you will. The question is do you want to learn and grow, or do you want to shrink back and be stuck? Take that step you've been avoiding. You can succeed, or you can get feedback that it didn't work, but in either case you are sure to feel alive.

The Role of Greenhouses

The devastating effect of abusing our environment has just started. Did you watch the television of the recent updates of the terrific flooding that happened nearby? Isnt it frustrating? Hundreds of lives were killed because of the illegal logging activity of the place. A weather man just talked over the television telling the anchor man that long before they warned the local officials of the possible flooding incident of the place. They have found out that the said place is prone to such disaster and that early warning device should be installed. Far from that, i certainly believe that those local government officials failed to consider the urgency of the move. That they didnt realise that it will happen so soon. Indeed, its our role to give back to MOther Nature. If it isnt possible then the least thing that you can do is never abuse the environment isntead help conserve and care for it. I salute some men who patronize Greenhouse Supplies. I knew the importance of Greenhouse and later on im very sure we will be strating to desperately nurture our resources. Hopefully it will happen soon. For now, allow me to browse on Greenhouses. I need to check which of them is an affordable find.

A Nice Carpet for your Home

Do you have any home improvement plans at present? I do have few ideas to add on to our simple nest but right now, we still have to prioritize our sister. I knew in due time we can focus on that improvement plans. I knew for a fact that we all want to have a great place to live in. Not for any other reason but having roof where you can sleep comfortably is something else. But of course, thinking alone of the cost that you might inccur would surely gives you some doubts to pursue such plans especially nowadays that the cost of the commodity isnt as affordable as before.

In any case,i knew we always have this wish to give due credits to our parents and we can make them happy if we could give them a nice home as present to them. Like yours, i am slowly thinking of fixing our home gradually. Well, its isnt easy especially if you still have other obligations to consider. For once, i was thinking of having our floor tiled. Its very important to me to have a clean and presentable flooring but for now i guess ill settle in buying a carpet. This flooring tool is also a good find especially if you want to make your floor presentable to your visitors. How about you, whats your recent find?

Rainy and Cold Afternoon

I was able to have myself rested after the finishing some tasks, Now im back to do more. Who says being a blogger is an easy endeavor? Not if you have few deadlines to meet. Like now, im cramming because i need to finish some tasks before it expires and i have to save few bucks for the rainy days. I just cant slip few dollars because of my lazy butt. I want to grab every opportunity that came my way.

Well, i forgot to mention about a former classmate who recently message me. Shes still so down to earth. She is the marketing manager of Unilever and yet she has not changed. She told me that she will be coming over and she wants to meet ups with some of our friends. We became close friends because we were seatmates then. During flag ceremony, we would normally find ourselves at the end of the line because of our height. Since then, i became close to their family. Ohh, i remember her mother and she so adorable as always.

A Dream Israel Tour

I'd love to take some break now. Promise, i feel so exhausted right after the holiday. I spent almost a week getting gifts, preparing for home needs and of course planning out our Christmas Party. Now that all the holiday pressures are slowly vanishing, i felt i wanna visit some friends or take an adventure. Wowo, it seems like an escapade are just for well-off individual. I dont belong either to any of the socialite group so the fair bargain is a beach adventure. I knew most of us can relate that whenever we feel we want to escape from the pressure,we wanted to have an overnight stay or a getaway at the nearbu place. Some relatives told me that a beach resort nearby is a good destination. Its affordable and accessible. They're near the highway and at present they already have mini cottages which can accommodate an overnight stay. Id love to plan for a beach adventure but because we all have limited time for now then i guess it would just happen on the summer month.

Anyway, speaking for getaway, Who among us here had avail of Israel Tour? I knew Israel is a holy place and there are lots of historical places that i would love to visit. I dont know how much is the package for a Tour to Israel but regardless of the amount you will spend, it will surely be worth of every penny you spend. If given the chance, id loke to take a tour on Bar mitzvah tours Israel. Ive heard few good words about such tours and while having this journey ill never stop wishing that one day i can step my feet on the holy city. So, where is your dream destination? Is that a local or international travel? I hope your travel wishlist will be granted soon.

Cell Phone Batteries on Sale

My mother sibling oftentimes visits the house. He would just stay here for awhile and sometimes they just park their motorcylcle at home and attend to some errands. It came into my knowledge that its their second motorcyle since they're furst purchased was not that good. They pay quite a big amount already at the first one and they just knew later that the engines on that vehicle was not that durable. Since her wife was afraid taking some risks especially that the uncle used it mots of the time, they decided to sell it before any accident happened. The second motorcyle was purchased when they got their loan from an accredited agency. In fairness, it looks refreshing and the uncle told me that the engine was first class. I hope they were able to find discount batteries so that they could save few bucks. The other day i was looking for cell phone batteries at the mall for my other phone and luckily i bought it in a discounted price. The saleslady told me that its their holiday sale and im lucky indeed to ha avail of the promo. Im planning to check the store soon for my sister's battery too. Anyway, since the uncle visited yesterday and had their lunch at home. I asked him about his motorcycle batteries and hos is it doing and he told me that so far since the purchased he encouters no problem. Its a good news since it means theres no additional cost yet. well, folks for any purchase youre planning this holiday make sure you check the item and have it rechecked before bringing it home. Just a tip so that you will not end up suffering for a consequence. Its your hard earned money so you deserve a merchandise equally precious as your bucks.

It Means Serenity

Your Home Means Serenity

You like your home to be a sanctuary. You keep it as close to an oasis as possible.

Highly sensitive, you are not a fan of too much chaos, noise, or clutter.

You can be a wallflower at times. You find it peaceful to sit back and observe.

Your home is the most calming place that you know of. You have made sure of it.

Invest on id Printer


Our desktop has finally lost its life.With that the printer was not able to be used since then. I kinda feel frustrated since the printer was brand new when we purchased it and just end up as while elephant until now. Back then, we will spend most fo the time playing online games and other fun games installed at the computer. We had a variety of games there so most of the time we spent our wee hours trying to challenge the latter. Anyway, there had been so much things that the desktop has done for us especially to my sister. She would just encode all her stuff there and print it right away. Sometimes, she would ask her classmates to contribute for their projects and she would do it at the house. Business wise, there was a time where she accepted encoding and printing and in fairness the output was incredible. Truly, this time where typewriter is no place its actually an advantage having your own printer.

Speaking of printers, it would be a nice venture to invest on id making since i seldom see at the local which specializes in id making. I do mean of fast id making which allows your customers to just wait for a minute while printing there respective id's. An id badge printer costs just a few bucks and the return of investment is quite high, what about that? Surely, if i have enough budget ill surely invest on id printer and open a little store nearby. I figured, a stall near at school seems to be so feasible, right? I guess i need to check out some id printer on sale just in case i am ready for investment then ill surely pick this endeavor. Its not wise to stick on the usual one job, its high time to look for other investment facets, right guys?

Familiar with Diablo Sport?


I had a neighbor back then at my former apartment. He specializes on Internet Technology and if i remember it right, he is one of the achievers at their batch when they graduated. He used to join us during hang outs and in one of those moments, we get to chitchats about the world of programming. I told him that the latter is the hardest field in the world of education. I dont know but i dont have a thing on programming although i would love to study it. I just had this thought that its hard to program those codes and i remember him saying that even just a single dash would change the entire thing. Ohh well, i sometimes am clumsy on periods and other hypernotes are sometimes taken forgranted so with programming being feed on me, ill surely be lost.

But theres really no impossible thing in the advent of technology. Just imagine me being the administrator of four sites. Humbly speaking, i owe a lot to my patient ass for being able to come up with this endeavor.Anyway, if ill have the chance to pursue another career or field. I would gladly take up a course on programming. Just lately, im thinking of getting a huge benefits if ill pursue some course about this stuff.At the same time, having a little background on computers makes me a little knowledgeable on its gadgets, hardware and software stuff. For instance, just today a friend inquire me about HPTuners and about diablo sport. I cant say anything since i dont have a thing on it. Instead i let her browse the net and search for j2534. Gladly, she was able to find an answer on her query. What a powerful tool indeed.Absoultely anything are searchable on the net. From the least stuff to the uncommon gadgets, they're all there on the search engines.

Looking for Baker Furniture?

Yesterday, i had a chance to visit a relative's house.This is the great thing about the holiday. You have the excuse to visit your relatives house and maybe checked out some good things on them. The relative's house is located at the heart of the place. They're near with the church and just a street away from our former roof. Anyway, i got to see few Baker furniture while i let my eyes enjoyed rolling over at some good finds. Their house is a two storey roof and with an antique theme. They still have the hanging frames, the famous jars and even the antique fork and spoon that i rarely see now. I always love to see those old decors because i got to remember my grandmom's old house. We used to stay at their house before my father build our own house. Its actually made up of sturdy log which my father told us that it came from our old folks and was just passed over when they passed away. My grandmom's house was loaded with old decors but i could sense that it was the most durable decors ive ever seen. They have the old buddha, the big cds and even the kitchenwares which were truly fantastic. I remember my mom telling me that if the relative would just allow to bring those stuff, she would really bring that home since its a good investment and last for lifetime.

You can hardly buy such stuff now. In fact, antique stores sells such stuff at a double if not triple of its original price. Thats why if you love to decorate your home with antique furnitures or any decors for that matter then check out some Drexel Heritage. Its indeed a good find since it embraces classic American and European style. Get a Drexel Heritage for your own home for an investment that lasts for years.

Good Morning

Hows your sleep folks? I hope you did had a great sleep? As of me, i had a great sleep although i slept late last night. We chatted with my honey about midnight and since he was in a hurry for friends meet up, i end up taking my rest. I sent hin our pictures on the holiday and he was so happy seeing the entire family. On some happy note, our relatives came over yesterday and some of our close friends too. Im happy that it became a tradition for some family members to have their lunch at the house and catch each other's lives. This coming week a visitor will come over to spend the holiday with us. Well, do have a great day guys. Still doing few reviews, hope to finish them the soonest before work resume.

Scout for Affordable Home Decor

The entire family is complete this holiday. I kinda loved seeing my other siblings bonding to death. Most of the time we will be catching up with each others lives and half of the moments are spent telling funny and nonsense stuff. Indeed, youre greatest treasure in this world is your family. No matter how wealth you are, how many trophies your had and whatever prefixes attached in your name, at the end of the day its still those memorable times you spent with your loved ones that gives you a genuine smile. Lately, we were talking about some stuff in the future, our plans and our dreams. This coming year is a milestone for the family since our youngest will finally take her board exam and whatever results it may have would surely be a life changing for everyone. On the other hand, the father had already decided to have an early retirement so in few years he will be taking his take home retirement package and i knew its quite a huge amount. To that, we are simply planning to invest into something that would give us a high yield. But of course, our topmost plan is to have our house renovated. We are planning to make it a two storey roof and maybe have a little lawn for family gatherings. With that, i couldnt help myself from checking out possible home decorating stores and scout for affordable home decor. I have a thing on home decorations and most of the time if im left alone, i will rearrange our furnitures and if i have excess on my budget, i will buy affordable home decor. I love to make our home a little presentable for the visitors but right now i decided to stop planning for little renovations and painting since it would be soon be fix.

When is the Perfect Time to Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Being employed doesnt guarantee anything. I mean the financial stability of any individual has come up with so many checklist and oftentimes the regular means of living where we get mostly our daily needs sometimes is not enough. However, having a regular job has something to say in terms of the comfortability of your living. For instance, having a regular income allows you to buy some extra stuff since the income is constant every month. Youre paycheck is as good as cash of course considering that you dont have any debt to fix. Another advantage, if you belong to the corporate world is having the chance to experience extreme socialization. You get to meet a lot of people from different walks of life and as what we converse few days ago with an office mate, being at work allows your to me mentally active especially if you ar under pressure. Indeed, this facts explains why many of us sought to be employed, right?

Nonetheless, it isnt easy to find a job especially if your qualifications is far from what the market needs. Its important to foresee the prediction markets and take a course that gives you so much chance to be in the workplace soon. A company normally gets people who are competitive and will be instrumental in the attainment of the organizational goals and obejectives. Its very vital to them to have employee engagement and great emloyee and emplyer relationship. Thats why most company conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey to know how their employee is doing in terms of their performance. WE actually had that before and its actually done every end of the year.WEll, if you want to know your feedback in terms of your performace then check out your performance sheet which is readily available at your human resource department. That way you'll get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reasonable Clothing Displays

Its a fact that most women loves to be fashionable. We want to mix and match our wardrobe because we want to feel good. It explains why most of us has huge assortments of shoes, accessories and dresses. As of this typing, im actually thinking of getting a new cabinet for my clothes and bags. My recent wardrobe is not anymore sufficient to accommodate all my belongings and im trying to figured, how much more for the coming year. I knew i cant help buying stuff and the entire month along i could buy few stuff depending on what things id like to add on. To this note, its not surprising that most of the business nowadays are more on clothes and other apparels. I mean its quite a good business especially if you have a circle of friends who does change buy clothes often. A friend is actually on online selling now. She buys wholesale apparrel and sells it at a reasonable price. I mostly get my stuff from here and the good news she offerd convenienr mode of payment.

Anyway, if your plan is same as mine and thats of getting some ventures online for clothing apparrel then its high time you check out mannequins for sale. This kind of stuff is very essenntial since this is needed to display your goods annd clothing. Some customers are enticd to buy dresses when they look good on mannequins, i do feel the same way.Also needed are boutique clothing racks. You need to look for an  affordable clothing racks so that you could organize your stuff pretty well.Dont forget to consider too clothing displays because it will add glamour to your goods displayed. It snt easy to be a businessman nor entering to this kind of venture but lets always bear in mind that the success of any endeavor lies on our pursuit for excellence in whatever goals we undertake.

Christmas Meme

Just arrived from attending the 10 am mass. I had a great time especially when i saw a lot of kids roaming around. I remember my younger years. This Christmas is quite especial to me and i want to savor the moment. My honey called up twice and i kinda loved the way he made me feel so special. He will be celebrating the holiday at his sons house and hopefully he will rest on the 25th. By the way, hows your Christmas doing? Did you visited some friends? Did you expect a visitor? What made this day extra special. Anyway, do have a wonderful Christmas celebration and enjoy the rest of the day.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wireless Backhaul

This time around i will be talking facts on technological advancement. So much about Home and Living and about other stuff. I bet it feels good having had an own portal, I mean having your own site makes you do things on your own, share thoughts, air out some nonsense rants and everything in between. All these becomes possible because of the wonders of internet. I guess all of the things you need to search can be found on the search engines, of course there are those that you think are colloquial words which are not updated on any of the online resources cant br processed. In any case, almost everything is searchable using this medium.

To have an internet at home, you need to have some broadband or a wireless medium. A wireless solution is quite a good option since you are not attached to the wires and connecting to the internet is quite easy. There are different broadband company in the place and most of them promise for a great service. I guess most of the service company promise for that, right? BUt it can always be tested when you avail of the service and have them checked your connection and when the time they dont respond to your call then its where reality check counts. Anyway, my recent find is about a wireless network solutions. The company is called Winncom Technologies.They dont just promise clients but they do have tried and true technologies which offers the best on network solutions. They have wireless point to point and wireless backhaul which addresses issues on wireless solutions. Check out too ptmp to know more on the significance and advantage of having a wireless broadband.Check out their online resources to know more about their program, portfolio and other featured products.Its a great find these Holiday.

On Reclaimed Wood Furniture


An officemate just purchased a new living furniture set. It was stylish and embrace modern taste. Its just made up of wood yet it doesnt looks like an old school living room furniture. I bet they are one of the collections on reclaimed wood furniture. I kinda liked the way they are curved perfectly and was added a little touch of sophistication. With this, i remember an aunt who once shared about there recent additions at their house. They have these old tree at the back of their house. A man who happened to be their neighbor told her that the tree is a perfect wood for a furniture set. Since, she finds the present living furniture quite easy to damage and not that sturdy, so she decided to design her own living room furniture using the log materials of the tree. I forgot to ask whats the name of that tree but i remembered her telling me that its one of the most sought after tree in the place.

When i visited their house, i was amazed of the outcome. It was indeed fantastic and the man who did the thing is quite an expert on furniture making. I hope i can let him do something about distressed furniture or make a farmhouse table for home usage. Sometimes, it pays to be resourceful. It does not only gives you so much savings but at the same time polish the artictic side on you. Nevertheless, i figured wood can never be outdated on style. Up until now, its still the most sturdy piece of craft that most of us prefer to pick than the modern kind of furniture set. So folks, if you are planning to get a new living or dining room furniture then why dont you pick a reclaimed timber furniture. It says something else. Give it a try.

Christmas Preparations

Just done taking my lunch. Quite late, right? well i just had a blogging mojo so i just took advantage of it. Im watching a Hollywood film while tying this poost and im kinda smiling while having a great time over this film. The nephew sat beside me and she's talking a lot of stuff..The brother with some friends are having some drinking session while my mom is resting. Im still thinking if im going to attend the early mass tomorrow or just attend the 10 am mass. Anyway, im very sure the entire family will attend mass together.

Low Carb Bread for your Diet


I will be talking about diet again. While fixing up myself to go somewhere else, the sister suddenly entered my room and lay comfortably at my bed. I was just half naked so she teased me that i am gaining these days. Woot, i wanted to tell her that im not going to give her present but then i knew for a fact that she was telling the truth. I can see few belly that is slowly bulging whenever i wear a tight pants. I cant believe that i am having a body like i used to have before. I was successful in shedding off some weights before and i wanted to try the technique again but what keeps me hanging is the fact that i cant discipline myself from eating junk foods. Ohh, i love to eat my favorite Cheese Curls, ice cream and Chocolates. I picked few sweets whenever im doing my grocery and who cant help from picking those stuff?

Anyway, the sister advised me to eat low carb bread instead of eating the staple food. I mean i knew for a fact that rice is rich in sugar and possess high carbs. Thats why diabetic patients are restricted from eating rice and had substitute instead. This holiday, i decided to check out low carb bread and low carb snacks at the mall. I knew there are snacks like that. If not, you can just see the nutitional label at the back to kee you guided of the nutritional benefits you got at each serving, Its important to keep our body at the right shape not for any reason but for our own health benefit. Dont just lose weight because you want to look good on that dress instead do it because you feel you need to do it. Dont also do some diet for someone else because it feels good if you do the diet trick for your own good not for the sake of someobody else.

Gymnastic Equipment For Less


It has been a wish ever since to lose weight. Well, ive been so skinny before but when i started working, my weight seems to add too in figure every year. I used to enjoy wearing great office attires because i can choose whatever styles and color available at the mall. My sizes of choice ranges from large to extra large but now i seldom see a size that perfectly fits me. The advantage of having an upsized size is you get to see limited options for your body. The usual sizes would not fit within your size range resorting to a more difficult scout for your clothing needs. But of course its not yet too late. I knew few people who have shed out few kilos in just a matter of weeks. I knew they had put too much discipline in their food intake and even to their physical exercise. I have tried going to the gym and enrolled myself for about a month. I hired for a gym instructor and religiously attend to my sessions but because of work calls and i decided to quit because i cant anymore attend to it especially during unscheduled meetings.

It would had been great if one has gymnastic equipment at their home. I mean its pretty easy to do your physical fitness routines if your gymnastics equipment is just right at the corner. You can have flexibility in doing some trainings and anytime of the day you can do it especially if youre in the mood. A friend inquire me once how much it costs her if she buys a horizontal bars. Since i dont have any idea about such equipment i advised her to visit some online resources for a quick find. He phone me last night that she saw a marvelous finds and she told me that she found her perfect partner at Well, i wouldnt be surprise if she buys it the soonest.

Merry Chritsmas

Before the line gets busy, i wanna extend my Christmas Greetings to one and all. I knew you're all busy preparing for laters NOche Buena and before ill be hit by some errands. I will post this greetings. It would have been fun if some friends would drop by. Will do some blog hopping later to share some christmas greetings. For now, my wish for a blessed day and enjoy the holiday.

Shop for Peaches Dresses


Ive known the nurses with their white uniforms, dont we? Its easy to distinguish if the person is from the medical field because normally their white uniform is far distinguishable. Wow, id love to wear that suits ever since i was a kid. Our neighbor back on our old house is a nurse. When she passed by at our house, my neck would be stretched just to see her suits. I love seeing her while walking. Its as if she is the most beautiful professional ive ever seen. Anyway, becoming a nurse nor any medical profession is not easy as what we've thought. We should be ready financially and emotionally. The tedious work environment and the ever rising tution should always be considered beforehand.

Hence, if you are already a nurse, or a medical technologist perhaps then i bet you already have few collections of your working suits. How is that? Did you just buy it somewhere or your company provided it for you? Is it stylish? Well, i have some good news for you, if you are in a look out for nurses scrubs or Peaches Dresses then visit The site offers wonderful styles of scrubs that will amazed you. Im sure you couldnt help but order one of those scrubs i saw. Its classy, stylish and the colors are amazing. You could also find fabulous Peaches scrubs at an affordable price. Another great treat, they have sale right now until supply last so what are you waiting for, grab your own scrubs now.

If you havent made up your mind yet what suits to get then i can suggest one. I found this Savannah Top which is made up of tranquility fabric. It has patch pockets and elastic shirring at the shoulders. Its size ranged from Extra Small to 2 XL.

Perfect Military Backpacks for Deployment


We were at the jeep with my sister when this guy smiled at us. I asked her if she knows her and she said no, she dont even remember being acquinted with him. I began to recall if there are instances where i was introduced to this guy and honestly, i cant remember any. This guy is from the Army forces if we are not mistaken. He wears a military backpacks and he carried on his arm a multicam gear. He is very snoppy and i can sense a disciplined body while letting my eyes rolled over the entirety of him. Well, its not what you think guys, i dont have hidden agenda on him nor im interested in making friends with him. Its just that sometimes this curiousity of ours urged us to give some multiple eyes on the subject. In some ways, i am also curious how the military behave and how do they socialize. Yes, most of the time they are on their camp and their world revolves on their guns and duty gear. I wish i could just asked him if we could buy multicam uniforms and how is that possible. Im thinking that this a great gift find for my godchildren whose father is a military officer. They told me once that this little bundle of joy is fond of wearing his father suits and he loves to wear the boots too no matter how dirty it was. Well,the incident about the military man gave me an idea what to buy next year. Isnt it a blessing in disguise? With so many stuff to choose from its kinda hard to get a perfect gift for your loved ones. At least, when you plan about the things you wish to give as present would save you from spending long hours scouting for gift finds, right?

Why You Should Buy a Single Board Computer

Yesterday, a technician contacted me if i wanted to avail of his service. I need to put some hardware stuff for the netbook and since i cant avail of the warranty because i purchased it online, i was kinda hesitant if im going to let him touch my stuff. This guy was recommended by a former officemate and she told me good words about the latter. My apple netbook is courtesy of the hubby. It was infected by a virus in one of my browsing moments and since it doesnt have a virus protection software i end up going to Cebu to have it checked. Since, i got tired of going every now and then for its check up i decided to look for a technician somewhere. The last guy i talked with is not familiar with apple's hardware so i was kinda frustrated having it touched by just any man.

Anyway, a friend told me that a desktop would be a good buy just in case. Well, cant have it now coz i got already my Christmas present and im sure its kinda awful to ask the hubby to buy me a single board computer  this time. I really wish he could read this because im sure if he knew what happened to the netbook he will surely fret out. Hence, a single board computer is a great buy this holiday. Its actually a reliable solutions for al the harsh applications nowadays. For people who needs something for super fast system and customization then check out single board computers to help you with your daily tasks. This new periphereal is such a good investment addressing issues of modern living and browsing.

The company that caters for system partners and distrubution is no other than Fastwell. Its the leading company in developing and manufacturing single board computers. Aside from the latter, they also offers a plethora of OEM and ODM services. Fastwell, indeed creates the future.

Super Loaded

I am super busy online and offline and just thinking of the stuff i need to finish makes my butt lazy to move. I was given a dozens of tasks to do online and need to shop more for additional gifts later. On the happy note, my brother has finally arrived and we were surprised for his unexpected arrival. We thought he would arrived on the 25th but we found out that he tricked us so that we will be surprised. He bought us few things as presents and im glad he did because my long wish stuff has been granted. Anyway, gew hours more to go and Christmas Day will soon paint the town with red. Are yo excited for friends visit? Well, let me just greet you a Merry Christmas before things will be busy later.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mens Wallet on Sale


So what did you get for your godchildren? Did you go for clothes, toys or educational materials? When i was scouting for possible gift finds for one of my godchildren, i happened to be at the isle where my eyes was feed with variety of educational toys. I figured its a great gift since this girl who happened to be my nephew too is a daughter of a ship man. Absolutely, she has a variety of clothes, toys and even footwear. I cant imagine too how she looks like now since i barely seen this little girl. I'm thinking that instead of giving here clothes, why not go for toys with benefits.I'm sure her parents would love to get gifts like as it does not only polish the intellect of their daughter but at the same time it prevents possible scenes of choking or any untoward incidents for dangerous toys.
For adults, i pick souvenir type of gifts. I saw wrapped gifts already and bought few of it to prevent me from doing the tiring wrapping moments. Sorry guys, but i am kinda lazy these days so i always asked my sisters help for these stuff.Anyway, i am planning to give some gifts to my former office mates. Did i tell you that we just met these days and old friends seems to matter to me that's why a small present may say something else. Since, most of my former colleague are men so i was thinking that a nike wallet is a great pick. What do you think? I knew for a fact that a wallet is an essential stuff to men so they will surely feel glad if i give them gifts like these. I saw a plethora of choice for mens wallet and they're stylish and classy. I realized most men choose black color for these stuff and i wanna go for this pick too. How about you guys what did you get for your man?

Learn the Technique on Face Putting


The holiday brings so much pressure indeed. Well, my body is a bit exhausted after attending few parties, doing some errands and buying gifts for loved ones. I wish i could just have a day to enjoy and be at my bed. How i wish i will have a free day. Well, its actually a choice and everyone of us has options to do. Its just that i couldn't help but go out whenever my feet is itchy staying at home. The workload seems to be lessen these days and actually its our work break already until the 27th and im glad the boss extended our free days for us to enjoy the holiday.

I remember the boss telling me that he wanted to have an out of town vacation. I guess he deserves to have one.He told me one time that he is hooked with golf and for a businessman, one thing that gives pleasure to them is their bonding time with their favorite sports. This is the time where they best enjoy their free time so its just right to give them their much needed break. Anyway, i don't know any gold club yet at the local and i hope they will build a golf course here. Speaking of golf, do you know there are certain techniques in this sport if you want to win on tournaments. Consider face putting since i heard few good things about this technique and learning how to putt will definitely strike your ball with velocity. Check out some informative inputs about the technique on face on putting. IT would surely gives you valuable inputs on your golf approach.
I remember a colleague who plays few times a week on this sport. He invited us one time to watch and i was fascinated on watching them compete with 3-footer shot. I couldn't help myself from cheering and gladly our friend wins. What a great experience indeed.

Yawning Post

Ohh well, i am so tired. I went home late last night because of our party and it was quite amazing. I enjoyed to death from the parlor games to our presentation. Our boss decided to take us home because of the heavy rain and right after i step my feet on our doorstep the hubby called up to check if im already at home. I immediately took my shower to prevent me from catching those flu virus. I wasn't actually had a good rest because the hubby kept on calling me. I dont know if he just missed me or maybe he just need someone to listen that why he was telling a lot of stuff..hehehe. I end up taking my sleep at about three in the morning but then the hubby surprised me with a nice present and no matter how tired i am, i am simply delighted with every inch of sweetness he showered me. I have no choice but to pick up my grocery and good thing the sister is here. I had a blessed day actually and im grateful for all the blessings that came my way. Thank God.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Dream Project

A friend contacted me if ill be willing to help her on doing a little charity for kids. Its been my dream to do so but since im extra busy these days, i have it forgotten. Now, its my time to extend my blessings and im always grateful to be an instrument of HIS love and kindness. I knew i will be very busy in the next few days but i hope you'll stay track with me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Authorize Retailer for Wireless Intercom


I fancy for a house where i could just stay for a week yet i look for nothing. I mean i dream to stay in a palace or maybe in a mansion house where i am sorrounded with beautiful garden and of course a roof where an ocean is just a walk away. I love to be in a water although i dont know how to swim. Funny, but my former lover teased me before whenever we are swimming. He often told me that when a ship sinks he would not attempt to save me coz he would surely died knowing how hard is it to get me goin. Anyway, we all have dreams in our life. Having an extravagant dreams is quite fine for as long as you always keep your feet grounded. Hence, if God will make things possible next year then ill surely build my own house. I want to put state of the art equipment and of course my house will be full packed with alarms and security cameras. Its not that i dont trust people but im just making my nest area safe and secure for my loved ones.

Speaking of security gadgets, you will surely feel envy with my recent find. Do you have intercoms at home? If none still then i tell you, its high time to consider having one. The new and improved intercoms are wireless and can trasnmit up to 1500 ft. Just imagine that. The system is also fully expandable thats why you can avail all of its advantage at reasonable cost. Another thing i will recommend are door phone and wireless intercom. I believe both are essential nowadays if you embrace modern living. They are just so fantastic thats why i cant help but share them in my portals. If you want to shop online then better yet check out Its an easy to use website with safety encryption. A fabulous present too for a loved one, right?

They Never Stop

Ive thought that im free already doing reviews, I badly need break but i was so wrong. I was given a bunch of tasks to do and because i cant help them slip away from my greey hand, i better do it before they expired. This year has been so bountiful to me in terms of my online earnings. Im quite paid generously with some article writing as well as paid blog reviews. Im thankful i started this portal and im grateful too that i was given the chance to monetize this.I would love to look forward for another blessed year and hopefully i can get another self hosted sites, (again?).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Earn Just to Sell a Website

If theres one thing i wanna do or invest into, its about creating a small endeavor or venture online. I figured there are so many things you can do with the presence of internet. You can sell stuff, you can create a service company, you can be an online tuitor, a blogger, a website moderator and even an assistant is possible. Who says secretary are just for real office? Not now dear because technology gave us flexibility and comfort that is impossible to imagine but became possible as of this time. For instance, who would have thought that i will become a blogger when i dont have a thing for computer those time. I even skip classes just to escape from our hands on computer tests. Its quite a shame on me but i really dont know how to open a browser back then. Gladly, i became curious about internet and my curiusity brings me to this endeavor and as of this time, i am the humble owner of four sites to be exact.

Anyway, if you have extra time then why dont you try your luck here. Internet is fun and will always be fun so imagine a workplace where you only deal with one stuff and thats internet, quite amazing,right? So to start your money earning journey, check out some tips online on money making endeavors. Hence, if you are a computer nerd, then you can sell a website because as far as i know, its return of investment is quite big. Check out some business for saleonline or business broker on the net to help you reach your success online.But of course the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step so if you want to have a sure shot then build a website and slowly monetize it. Thats the easy and proven way to earn money online.

Wide Variety of Thermal Paper


The death toll of the aftermath of typhoon that hits recently has been increasing while some are still missing. Its quite devastating seeing those dead bodies on the street while some are just rolled with plastics to prevent it from smelling. The local government has ordered for mass grave for all the dead bodies which was not claimed as of this time. Whenever i watched these folks shared their experiences during that time, i couldnt help but be grateful that i have still this life and for that note, we are so much lucky for having been given the chance to spend time with our family and enjoy some good times.Im glad there are still good samaritans in town who reach out to help our countrymen recover from this devastating incident. In one of the radio show that i happened to listen, they mentioned about some environmental issues which in one way or the other instrumental for having had a disaster at this mentioned localities. The illegal logging is so rampant and one officer even mentioned that they had hard time helping some villagers because of the so many logs that hits and hampers their way. If its true, then i figured its time to start caring for Mother Nature. Well, the latter has bestowed us so many resources thats why its just right to give back the favor. You can start your share even by lessening your paper mess because in one way or the other it can prevent from less trees to be cut. You can also help by using paper rolls and thermal paper wisely so that more trees and forests will be save. Speaking of papers, i just recently stumble this site about paper rolls. I was browsing for a good brand for office usage and im glad i checked out because it gave me so many ideas especially on picking up for the best brand and availing of quality yet budget friendly paper supplies.

Excited for Sister's Coming

I mentioned in my post earlier that i have wired my sister certain amount for her travel back home. I quite missed her a lot and i wouldnt want to miss this chance of bonding with her before she went back to another five months at Iloilo. On the least side, the brother is still on travel and will be going home i guess in the 24th because he is also planning to bring his car. We are planning to take some trips this holiday just to some nearby town and having your own car would surely bring the family a festive mood.

Anyway, I had a great time at the mall today. I bought something for myself, no wonder i am so delighted. Kidding aside, id like to of course give thanks to my partner for being so generous to me. Whenever i just asked something on him, he will really give the world if he can. This Christmas is quite especial to me so pardon me guys if im a bit emotional in some of my posts.God has been so good to me this year and i want to return the favor even in just little things that i could do.As with the hubby, he is scheduled to visit some vendors and customers since the other day, He had been sick yet he doesnt want to listen to me when i told him to take some leave. Hopefully, the transfer of the ownership would happen very soon as it gives so much stressed to my lovey dovey. Well, i hope you had a great day guys. I always wish for everyones bright mood and of course lets not forget to pray for the victims of typhoon Sendong.

Monday, December 19, 2011

How Vital are Employee Manual

Before i became a sales specialist in my previous company, i started as an administrative assistant first. My work centered more on office works, admin errends and touches a bit about human resource stuff. In fact, i take charge of all employees concerns from hiring to terminations, giving some leaves, overseeing employee's performance and even attending to office supplies and other assets. This is the time where i enjoyed my working career since most of the time i wear fabulous office attire.We dont have uniforms then so i make sure i create my own working suites and mix and match my mood with some clothes. This is also the time i get addicted to coats and slacks. My friend then who worked in an insurance firm says a lot in all of my fashionable suits. There was even an instance where i had a business trip to a nearby city together with some boss. I wore an office attire that is relatively similar with those of the flight attendants because i also got some longs ribbons in between its collar. The guy out there asked me if i was a flight attendant and i feel flattered because i knew how prestegous the job of the latter.

Anyway, part of my job description too is handling confidential files of all employees. I served memos, check their performance evaluation and perhaps almost everything down the line. I have with me an employee manual for orientation purposes and normally i handed them a copy of employee handbook sample when they're formally hired by the company. Indeed, an employee handbookis very vital because it serves as companys' bible in all of its norms, standards and ethical grounds. This serves also as the guide for every branch so that it wouldnt paddle into different directions. Whatever incidents and exceptions outside of this handbook is subject to terms with the company's policy and standard operating procedures.

Feel like Royalty with Barcelona Chairs

Its been a long day indeed. I mean i was stucked at some paper works and my neck has been aching too much. Well, thats the effect of my hardworking ass. I dont have any complain either, the truth is im very much thankful that reviews and tasks poured like its no end. Every now and then, i got some tasks at different sites that i subscribed too. Anyway, it been few days before Christmas, Are you ready for the big day? Are you done shopping for your sister, brother and other family members? How about your godchilren, im sure you always allocate certain amount for them, right?

The holiday seems to give a hole in our pockets but since this time of the year just comes once then im sure its best to share our blessings to loved ones who best deserve some present this year. I remember an office mate who asked me to accompany her to the nearest furniture store. She is scouting for a possible dining set and maybe few appliances depending on whatever stuff attracts her the most. When we vsisted the famous appliance store in town. My eyes were feed with fantastic finds on stylish and sophosticated styles of living room and dining furniture sets. I happen to see some barcelona chairs and Eames Chair which i felt in love immediately. This modern class furniture is a must have especially if you are planning to give a lift to your roof. An Eames Lounge is a good choice so far because it touches some modern and classy styles without having some budget constraints. Admittedly, there are a lot of amazing finds these holiday but i also make sure to save a little bucks for rainy season. I hope you too. But in any case, you do have extra budget what keeps you grounded? Common get it now.