Thursday, February 19, 2009

MIles Away

Its already past 11 oclock and im still here at the office listening to Ariel Rivera's song, i just finished my meeting with my saleforce and i need to relax my mind so i decided to bloghop. Anyhow, i was able to visit jean's blog, its actually like a personal site wherein you can read a variety or romantic stories, love articles and other heartwarming posts. I was just finished reading her post entitled Cyber love - is it like a gamble? it was actually about her feelin towards this guy, on which he met online, the reason why i was so interested was because we have the same situation, i also met my man online and after 3 years of cyber love, we still havent seen each other despite his constant visits here. As i finished reading her post, it made me think again, indeed its a gamble, fallin in love to man miles away from you..
Hayy, i am not saying that the relationship is not right, coz if i would based on my feelings towards him, it tells me the other thing but nevertheless, we have our own destiny, its actually up to us to choose, to decide and to make them come true.
Goodnight peepz!

Managing Business Threats

Just recently our company issued a memo for system back-up in all branches. This is to ensure that our system is protected and thus to prevent data loss in the future. Since we are centralized and our transaction is all system-based, it is indeed a must that every end of the month we will transfer all our files to our data back-up files. As per IT experts in our company, it is imperative that our company should observe the strictest measure in protecting both our hardware and software to prevent the proliferation of embedded viruses in various software and other unprotected sites. To prevent the bog down of branch operations, proper scanning of all company issued file storage media are hereby encouraged while the use of personal USBs to copy or transfer files are strongly discouraged. At the moment, the company implement scheduling of back up for all branches to ensure that the policy is done in consistent and timely manner. It is never surprising why the company gives really a big deal on the back-up pilicy hence this will help elminate re-encoding and embedes to focus on current transactions without any worries of data file corruption or loss.

In any organization where information is the lifeblood of all transactions, data protection has always been the main concern to prevent futher critical data loss and very costly downtime especially now that the economy appears for a prolonged downtorn on which more companies are affected by litigation, internal theft and even sabotage that is why a lot of businese firms aim for a establish disaster recovery plan. To have the best protection, why dont you consider - STORAGEPIPE, your online corporate data protection, where you can reliably back up your data, automatically move it to a secure data facility and of course this will totally give you a peace of mind for corporate data protection.

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