Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Update

How are you folks? It seems that i am again talking about nonsense post today. Well, i hope not coz aside from me having a blogging mood, i was definitely recharged after i slept for few hourse yesterday. I even forgot to text my honey last night so no wonder i got a call from him early morning. Anyway, aside from me being busy with my blogging portals. I am also concentrating on my new site. Its actually a article writing sites and i kinda loved making some reviews for few clients. The payment is very flexible. You can get your money weekly, once a month or just adjust it whenever you need it. I set mine every Tuesday so i need to work at least few articles a day so that i could get a fair share every week, not bad for a weekly expense, hehehe. Well, how about your guys? Whats your latest money making find?

Rewards on Credit Cards

So how do you manage your usage on your cards? Do you swipe it as often as needed or are you a smart shopper who just use this tiny powerful card if necessary. I wish im like yours that is hard to be tempted but being me, an impulsive shopper that i am since then. I cant just resist using my card even though i have extra cash. However, there are just instances that i am tightwad in terms of the things i fancy. Those times where i can weigh in rightfully the things i need for now and stuff that i shouldnt buy for practical reasons. Well, for quite sometime i become independent with the hubby but lately i just realised how i should learn to become responsible on my personal finances regardless of the ins and outs of my cash flow. In any case, i do avail of my credit cards rewards and was able to redeem a Timex watch. I had it once when i was in Cebu and because of the limited assortsments, i dont havea choice but to get the one for male and end up giving it to my former lover. But, isnt it amazing getting something from your passion? You can check yours by browsing your points or some online portals about best reward credit cards. Some company offers fantastic gadgets and stuff in exchange of the points you earned. So next time gals, be wise in shopping but never missed checking our your points.