Monday, April 15, 2013

A Nice Way to Start the Week

Good morning fellow bloggers...

Ohh Yes, i feel rejuvenated today as i had a blast last weekend. We managed to visit few farms and the extra ordinary experience was truly worth it. On some note, i think i have exclusive photos to share at my Travel Site so please do visit my site if you have time.

So to speak, i had a great weekend and as ive mentioned it just turned great as the partner surprised me with little things that allows me to get the stuff i fancy. He gave me the chance to unwind too and the fine proof is my latest escapades. I'm glad i have a super nice and understanding partner in all of its senses.I knew it was way too much of him to spoil me as i just had a fair share of it that week but he just fulfill my wish with no question when i told him the stuff i fancy. I hope ill stop shopping for personal stuff soon since i am already guilty of my attitude lately. Anyway, thanks for the nice summer stuff i just collected. The craze for Brazillian products which i had shopped two in a row and a jumpsuit with animal print was the latest buy.

I hope to feature my summer accessories here with the native bag i am eyeing:)