Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Update

My usual Happy Sunday greetings folks! I missed all of you guys and i missed my online works. Anyway, ive been sick yesterday and my honey just wants me to rest up to next week.  But of course i cant sleep without getting in touch with my emails and portals. Good news, ive got some payments from a site ive been working with and i still have few hundreds left. Hopefully, i could get somehow half of it before next month. On the lighter note, i have so many writing endeavors in the coming days. I just accepted some tasks and it entails to have more research that the usual friendly tone articles. Since, im not feeling well so i would just reserved those works in the coming days.

Ohh well, ive been having an awesome mood in the past few days. Simply because of my man and i opt to keep the privacy between us. Its incredible to belong to someone who loves you so much. Ive nothing to ask more. Happy Sunday guys.