Monday, June 15, 2009

On Furnitures

If money wasnt an object, what type of furniture will you put at your respective homes? maybe or maybe not youll think or the modern and facshionable elegant sofas just to be at the trend or maybe youll think of making your home something old-fashioned, putting native crafts and rustic furnitures. Well, whatever your taste in making your home comfortable and elegant, there is one bottomline if choosing the right and appropriate furnitures at home, you have to consider the design and of course durability of the item. If you really want to buy furniture at home, why dont you consider rustic furniture, nice craft exclusively designed for you. It simply gives your home a different picture, something native but beautifully in place. rustic furniture, gives you a variety of choices over wood furnitures, from barnwood furnitures, pation, rustic lighting and other beautifully crafted bedroom set and country home decor.

Rants and everything

I dont know how to start this post, all im just thinking is just i have lots of things to share, let me start, i actually went home early last friday since we dont have office for the commemoration of our Independence day, while last saturday we bond at the nely opened mall - Robinsons place Tacloban. I hurriedly went back to Ormoc last sunday afternoon because there was a problem on our plant, that is why i took an overtime last night. I was able to go home past 4 am this morning. Of course my eyebags and my tired body was almost ready to give, but then i had no choice but to attend our operations meeting this afternoon. It was really so dramatic, exciting and a bit full of tensions, my collegues whom we had some sort of gap was able to air out his grievances against my department, in return i prepared a memo for him and a corresponding exception report, it turned out that my boss got mad to him because of his negligence and irresponsiblity. I am not actually into truning people's life into misery its just that he needs a lesson and for him to realize his wrongs, he nees disciplinary measure, right?