Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toungue Twisters

Toungue twisters became part of learning process not only at the pre-school but even during our college times when our professor makes fun of our language session. Anyway, agents likes us were also trained to talk in any forms of toungue, twisted or the normal one but this toungue twisters are not only done to make fun of us but to test how fluent we are and how good we are in prononciation. This also helps us in exercising our jaws for us to speak well of the word.

Senti Evening

Well im in a sentimental mood right now, im currently listening to Jose Marie Chan's song "Change of Heart". Its so beutiful, the lyrics are so so amazing. Its like it speaks on your heart. Its for the people who are medning a broken heart. Its for the people who are in pain, who were betrayed, who loved but is not loved, to people who continue still to love no matter how painful is it to continue loving. I really find those people amazing, having the heart of just pure love and unselfish act. I wish i could hug all of you guys, whoever you are - who are in pain now.I wish i could tell u too that life is just a roller coaster, sometimes we will feel as if were in heave and sometimes we feel the other way. But life is also about trials and about lessons in life. And whatever we are - you are currently thinking of - just bear in mind that tomorrow is another day. Life will be okey and problems doesnt mean the end of the world. For as long as you believe in your faith, you believe in GOD, life will be wonderful.

Pre-Birthday Giveaway Contest

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Apologize for the Inconvenience

I guess an owe an apology to my readers, i knew all these times theyve been complaining about my shout mix box, because whenever they leave a message they cant see what theyre written,i just knew the problem today when i tried to wrote something in the message box. true i cant read what im writing, so i immedietly do some editing in my settings, im glad its fix now. So to all my visitors, apologize for the inconvenience it has brough you for many months. I wish i have known the problem earlier.

Life is So Great

I use to have lots of questions in my life since i was a little kid, i use to ask my mom was the clouds are blue, why thre was rain and why we cry? but now i may not know the answers of all my queries but at least i knew the logic of them all. Just like why those people we loved leave us? Are there concrete reasons why we deserve to be in pain when we have loved them with all our heart? Well i did not bother at all to find the answers to all those question but at this very moment i knew the logic why it all happened. Yes he leaves because it is meant to happen, God does not want him to be in my life coz he will only brought miseries.It happened because i deserve someone better, someone who is willing to love me unconditionally, someone who will stick with me for richer or for poorer, someone who will be with me when im sick, someone ho can give me a shoulder when i needed it and someone who can uplift my spirit at the very moment i needed him. Yes, that's the lgic, its simple yet its complicated but no matter how difficult it is to understand, i still want you to tagged it, and of course recommend to like it but i would love to share it.wink*