Saturday, June 5, 2010


I was so stressed yesterday when i was awakened by our landlady, i was shocked as to why she came over to my unit, after which she apologize for disturbing my sleep and she told me that she received the package from air21, well it readily put a smile of my face, my mind was really so surprised, well and good, thanks she woke me up. I accompanied her to their unit and hen she gave to me the said package. I knew already where it came from, it was the necklace ive won from housemom, and i was so excited to open it. Well guys i am really so surprised with what i saw. Thanks housemom, the necklace comes in a golden box with a lace on it. It was neatly covered by its own cellphane like cover and a note from the site owner herself which she personally wrote was with the package. It was so sweet of her to really include that, its more of a personal touch. I may not know her that well, but i really do appreciate her that much.
To housemom, i am really so glad and ecstatic up to now as the winner of your blog contests. I have with me now the necklace and for now i cannot only say tha im lucky to have that hematite necklace with me but more so i have gain a sweet and thoughtful friend in your persona. Thank u and keep in touch.