Monday, June 23, 2008

maritime incidents:mv princess of the stars

Another tragic maritime incidents occured in the midst of the typhoon frank, last friday in its route cebu to manila, of its 800 passengers, as of now only 4 was been considered survivor.
As of this time, the maritime industry is indergoing its search and rescue operation to the passengers of the said passenger ship.
Family's of the passengers are with close contact with the rescue team, with the hope of getting the bodies of their loved ones,no official statements has been issued by the management of sulpicio lines as of this times for the updates of the said tragedy.
Lets include in our prayers for the eternal repouse of the victims of mv princess stars.

miss him...

i love to see this pics whenever i missed my love. I missed his caress, his care, his kiss and the way he smell..hehehe..truely if you really love someone else, you surely knew everything in him. when youre at home, you just want to be with him, and when you're together its as if youre living in a world of i want spend moments with the person i love because ive learned from a tragic past..and i dont want to walk with the same path again, with the same mistakes, but if destiny permits, i would be willing to underwent pain again, with him..
..with the hope that someday i would smell him again....