Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Love and all its Complexities

A happy ending may connotes a different meaning to someone else and to some it may mean being in the arms of the one person you love, to you may mean being wed and marry your first crush - to me may mean just having enough reason to smile as i wake up everyday. Sounds silly right? yes i am silly, last night i heard my friend who was just a door away from my room, i can hear her crying and she went out for a talk, she is working in a call center here in Cebu. Amidst those tears falling she shared to me her grief and bitternes, her mom got mad because she found out that she is still seeing her ex bf, i asked her why her mom has that feelings, does your bf did something to you before that your mom does not like? she was hesitant at first, but then she told me how her ex bf ruined her life before, when she leaved her broken and shattered, i just stare at her and asked my damn self why this person still wants to be back to hell? isnt she silly like me? going back to the person who have hurt you? but then though i am mad at that moment, part of it was understanding and compassion, ive done that - been there and done that, that cliche thing. But im proud to say - i have move on and move forward. I knew how she feels and i knew how its so hard to keep the feeling in yourself no matter how bad and painful it is already, i knew how she feels when its still better to stay in bed despite the sun rising and to the comfort of your pillow, you burst out those tears youve ben hiding from your family. But i always told her that it doesnt always follow that what may be the best for me, maybe the best for you too. Its only her who can decided on her own, depending on the circumstances and depending on your emotional state. I choose to stay away from the one person i loved because i felt that was the right thing to do, i felt i am saving the respect and self identity for myself. I am doing the move for me. But still its your choice of happiness that will count in the end. As the movie quotes : He's not just into you"
Im thankful that i have alleviate her tears at that time that we've talked, at least, she said, i felt relief.. The moment her feet walked towards the door, i knew its the start of a real tug of war - between what she felt and what her mom wants her to do. I just wish a happy ending to her and happy ending may mean being able to wake up to the sad reality that he is just not meant to be, having the courage to accept the fate, learn from it and be completly over. I may have won the battle of mending a sad love story but still another battle awaits me, coz life does not end the way we used to think, Love is a war, love is a battle and Love is growing up.

Being Artistic - Office Dilemma 101

I know how it feels when your table turned into mess because of chaotic papers messed at your table, in fact u cannot remember where you put some important documents and that made your head really bad,I used to have the same dilemma before and no matter how i make my shelves organized, you cant help those stuff truning into mess because youre work entails you to put these papers left and right however having the right shelves will make you more organized and clean your table like you wanted it to be.I found one great shelve wich will surely be a help to office personnel, this is the Steel stand alone or desk type shelving by Safco Products which can be wall mounted and has single or double tier, it is made up of steel so you can pile your hard bound document and made them visible right when you need it the most. At least, you now have the idea as to how you make your working environment clean and organized.