Saturday, April 23, 2011

Im Sick

Yours truly is kinda not feeling better today. I am kinda sick and i wish i will be better so soon. Thank God, i managed to go to church the yesterday which was important for me because it was our church obligation. I noticed there are lots of people in the church yesterday. In fact, even the doors were fully crowded that there are even people outside of the church. Im happy that despite the world being so cruel and the many temptations and ups and downs of life, people still have time to pay tribute to our Lord. I hope the observance of the Holy week doesnt just give us peaceful and forgiving heart but also a body and soul for Christ. Its really useless to observe Christ passion yet talk and think bad towards other people.The real essence of Christ sarcifice and passion is to learn from HIS experience and not to to just see and prove to other people that you have go to the church. Its real meaning is even deeper than what we though of. I pity people who have a hard heart and still has insecurities to their neighbor, coz it just mean one thing. They havent moved on. Good day everyone!