Friday, November 18, 2011

A Dark Night

I was kinda frustrated when i got home and found out that our electric wire was hit by a panel. The result we dont have light last night although there was actually a brownout for few hours. Since, the panel didnt care at all about the incident we end up shouldering everything. Another unexpected expense for us since the wire is kinda expensive and we were advised to buy at least 40 meters. Gladly, we have a little excess despite the tight budget we have because of my sister scheduled for a trip tomorrow. Of course, taken consideration the connecting flights from Tacloban - Cebu and to Iloilo. Just thankful God is so good to us that we are given graces and blessings HE continouly pour on us.Going back, i do hope the service team would come the soonest since the mother is already on its way from the hardware store to buy the needed service drop.

At the other end, i had a good news from my love. He promised something for Christmas and im already excited for it. I will be having my Christmas shopping in Cebu because we will be meeting with my sister there. Im so excited roaming around the entire city and the brother promise to bring us at Simala. Ohh i love it there and i would love to experience an out of town tour.Anyway, i am just thinkin how time flies so fast. In few more weeks, we wll be welcoming another year. As we talked with my sister about our plans and future, we figured 2012 is a life changing year for us. Cant discuss the details yet but there will be some things that will be unfold and changed for the coming year. Its great to look forward things we always dream of. I am so happy that at last my sister is in its last phase of her journey. Her last few months of sacrifices is the turning point of all of our persevarance and tatay's hardwork, Its nice to think that my parents are succesful in shaping up and bringing up four children, which i knew it wasnt so easy after all. As with our journey, we had encountered turbulent times which at some point we wanna give up but as always each one us became united as we stand and face the trials. Now, we are few more steps to our destnation. WE have survived few harships and mishaps though i knew its not yet the end but it always brings a smile in my face how far we we;ve achieved so far.Im glad my parents are so supportive and didnt lose hope in giving us greener pasture. I hope we will all be worth of their sacrifices, tears, self pity, peoples judgement and of course i wish we deserve at their constant struggle for us. IN one way or another, i am also glad that there are people who have belittle us and put us down at some point because they made us where we are now and where we will be. It also serves us our inspiration and motivation in bringing up the best for the family. Funny, but at the end of the battle i figured we are on our way to the finish line. Thanks to our prayer and continous trust on God's guidance. At the end of the day, HE always deserves to be glorified for everything.