Saturday, January 12, 2013

How's Your Weekend?

Happy Weekend folks, how are you doing friends? I hope you're making the most of the day. Did you had your usual Saturday routine like cleaning your room, window shopping or perhaps you did visit your parlor, that is so nice indeed.

As for me i was at the city to run few errands. The mall was flocked with shoppers and i noticed a lot of family members roaming around while they get something to eat. That's a perfect scenario for me.If there's one thing i am happy about, its when our family get into bonding like some escapades last Christmas. The brother asked me if i would like to join them for a night out. I refused to, i don't think my partner would be happy at that and also, i love staying at home and watching movies and talk to my love. That's how simple my life is..Getting romantic? I am and blame it to my sweet and lovable and kind mahal.wink***

Enjoy the rest of the day folks...