Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday 9: Life is a Lemon And I Want My Money Back

Im back and i missed joining my Saturday 9 meme. Since, i have extra time today so i might just use to to join this great stuff sharing. So here we go:

1. When was the last time that you asked for your money back?

- Two years ago, after some incident with someone i trust. In the end, i just knew she didnt purchase the stuff i want her to buy. I felt bad so i demand for my money. But it didnt happen :)

 2. What was the last thing that you did to help someone?

- Let her borrow some amount needed to pay a debt. She needs that soon or else she will pay the entire interest.

 3. At what point of your life do you think you started to understand who you are?

- A lot of people think that they are who they are but what they fail to realize is the fact that you will knew who you are when you are in a bad spot. Check it out guys, when you have no options at all you will knew things you are capable of doing and it made you realize you are not what you think you are.

 4. Are there times when you thought you had taken a fall, only to discover more about yourself?

- Yes, there was those time when i think i carry the whole world but then i realized it was just the chance to rediscover myself. Realization comes when you got back to your feet again.

 5. What was the last thing you did where you could not believe in what you were doing?

- I remember stalking my man and checking out on social portals for some secret accounts. Ohh my. did i mean being crazy? Well, its just about being so much in love :)

 6. Do you think that you must struggle to become strong?

- I think i am a strong woman. I mean when i surpassed storms in my life. It made me think that i have a strong character. Well, my secret - i pray a lot.

 7. Do you feel that your dreams have meaning or are entirely random?

- sometimes i dream for some weird stuff but yes, there are days where i just dream randomly and i dont think they mean anything at all.

 8. What was the last promise you broke?

- Yesterday, i promise not to shop for myself and i did bigtime. I'm just a little childish sometimes but well im responsible most of the time. Its just that i believe i have to give some treat for myself.

 9. Do you collect anything?

- fashion mags, i do have a plethora of them.

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