Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Words and Pride

The famous and prestige Queen of Talkshow Oprah one said" Be sure to make your words soft and sweet, just in case you need to eat it, you can swallow it".

Indeed life is full of uncertainty so be sure to watch over the words that came out from our mouth. It doesnt mean that just because we are powerful that the world is already on top, remember that it always circles around and once you go down, twists will be much harder. I knew some people who really changed maybe because of some reasons but still i really cant understand why the attitude will also changed. Ive came to know people who are really rich and influential but has their feet always on the ground. But some people who are just on their way up, but their pride is already up there which is indeed so sad. I had good friends back then who really were lucky to have met the lifes status we all dreamed of but then they still act as if they were the people weve known before. Ive been there and even much higher but always and almost, i stand my feet always on the ground. As a reminder that no matter how far we achieved in life, its still not the benckmark of happiness. By now and by far ive went thru, money isnt always what makes everyone happy. It may be at first but its still the relationship and your family that will still bring the joy youve been dreamin of, least as expected.


On our way to the cafe, the rain pours really that heavy that we were both wet. My sister and I decided to went to the internet cafe for browsing and sadly it was not the perfect time for us. However, we still have time while on our way, joking over the rain. Really, my sister is the best buddy in the world. She is not just an ordinary sibling, she is also my bestfriend, my companion and a real trusted girl. Whenever we have girls talk, we always finds time to give advices to each other. These days isnt really boring coz whenever she is at home and im there, its always a moment filled with laughter and extra fun moments. Love to be with you sis.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Download Music

Are you a music lover and probably youre in search as to where you can download safely your favorite songs in the net? Of course i knew your worries, might have some viruses that will jus harm our files and our computers and choosing the best site to do so needs an effort to know if its really credible.With the harm and danger the net is giving to its users, its understandable that we are all cautious in doing some downloading whether its for music of just a video. Nonetheless, i can recommend one which i have already tried and been tested by some friends. For sheet music download its already so easy to do so. Now downloading will be extra fun and easy.


..is always very important to acknowledge all the blessing that comes our way. Today we sponsored a thanksgiving mass from our family specifically for all the blessings and graces that we will and we had received.There was just a biggest surprise of our life that happened recently to our family and for privacys sake, we just dont want to disclose the over great things that came our way. But the thing is, we are always grateful for everything that God has given to us including all the tests and difficulties that came our way. To our Protector and to the Divine Providence, our deepest thanks.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Top Graduate School

Are you thinking of pursuing your masters degree? or perhaps planning to proceed to law school. Well, its indeed a great plan considering that nowadays masters and graduate courses are becoming a trend to land in a good job and some these might be a need for promotion purposes. Nevertheless, whatever may be the purpose is, one thing is sure - that graduate degrees are becoming more and more important especially with the neck to neck competition.Companies usually look for a more competent people to run their business and with these trends in the competition, you need to be fairly and equally competent. With your plan of proceeding to masters degree, i might offer you some sites to browse for, where you can find Top US Colleges . It will surely be helpful so that you can find the right school to enroll with. Being in a competent school will be your edge.

MIssing Updates

Been missing some updates from you guys, my sincere apology guys nevertheless no matter how i seldom update this blog of mine but ill surely return the visit when i get back to my system.MY sister is busy now for their pre board so we dont bond often this time which i really missed. I hope she could make it in their exam tomorrow, crossing my finger.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Help From Addiction

Substance abuse or alcohol addiction whichever they refer to, is one of the most common problem most people encounter especially during depression of when difficulty arises. In fact its not only the ordinary people who encounter such things or either of the two, there are celebrities and some professionals who seek for a help for these addiction.
Seeking for a rehab is the best option for many and i believe that professional help is much more helpful than just letting yourself do the job. Addiction recovery is not just easy as what everybody thinks especially if youre already in the midst of lossing yourself and your identity as well.
The advantage of going to a professional rehab center is that you can be best treated with proper programs and coaches. There are activities that are best for a starter to fully recovered from the said addiction.Good news, there are also residential treatment program that are available if you wanted to avail of. Choosing a facility and a center is a vital consideration so its best to know which of them offers the best service at an affordable rate to ensure of a good treatment.


Its really a smart choice to always hire the best lawyers whenever a need arises especially about legall issues and battles concerning the law. Its not best option to just be idle and do whatever we think is a great choice but end up a losser. For cases or problems that requires a need for the best lawyers, its a must to look around and browsed for law firms that is prestige and offers quality service. Its not only because you are assured of your winning but more importantly you can get justice which is the bottomline of it. For Chinese lawsuits, i can recommend one which offers quality service to its clients, specific for Chinese drywall lawsuits. The firms expertise are for cases by which Chinese oftentimes encounter. If you wanted to take a look at the firm's site, you can just visit http://www.chinesedrywallproblem.com to know more about the firm and how you can contact them immedietly. Its not good to settle for less when it comes to legal battles for the fact that there are always assets and resources in compromise, right?

Sunday Blah

It has been indeed so ling since i last update my blog, apologize guys for not having such time and for being so lazy to go online. My nephew just arrived so i was a bit busy with her.And besides my grandfather's death anniversary is already fast approaching so we are preparing for that. My nephew is indeed having a great time at home and we are really enjoying her presence with us. I just hope that she will stay with us for good.Anyway, just wishing you all a great day and a blessed sunday. Mwah

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discover Contact Lenses

To some celebrities, contact lenses may just be an accesory to enhance their beauty. This is how I personally viewed this thing called "contact lense". I never thought that beyond the beauty agenda this thing offers - in some way it is also a key to have a good eyesight especially to people who have a world of blurry visions. For people who need vision correction, contact lenses is a need. This is so vital to them to correct vision problems nonetheless this eye thing became widely popular to the fashion industry for the sense of changing your eye color. To people in the limelight, they tend to wear this contact lenses and im sure most of them will choose Tageslinsen where contact lenses are of variety of styles and designs. They offer variety of lens options and offers different amazing designs and colors.

Debt Help

Debt is inevitable, that is a fact. Even some middle class working group agreed that even though they have the sufficient financial stability to sustain their everyday needs but still they couldnt help but to borrow money in times of difficulty. Experts say that the resort to borrowing has something to do with our mentality and personality as a person. Sometimes we tend to overspend beyond our budget and due to this overspending we tend to suffer the consequence. If you happen to be internet savvy, im sure you have already browsed different sites which offer debt help, mostly they are financial experts who gives debt advice to people who badly need it especially in this world crises. But isnt this thing helpful to everyone? especially to us who are really struggling just to meet both ends. Well, if you want a complete package and other details of what im talking, simply visit FinancialDebtHelp.org

One Door Closes..Another Opens

When i opened my email today i was inspired by a forwarded quote from a friend. I would like to share it with you guys. Hope u like it.

Revelations 3:8

" When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust him fully and let go, only one of two things will happen, either he'll catch you when you fall, or he'll teach you how to fly"

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Its indeed a blessing to have a great family by your side plus a supprotive parents and ever sweet sister and brother. Im proud to say that our youngest will be graduating soon and guss what - she did it with flying colors. HUrrayyyyyyyy.well she has attained one of the most aimed honors a student would want for. But i knew its not the end of all these, ahe will be taking her review for the CPA board exam. Hopefully by next year, we can have a CPA sister.wink. Our prayers for her really. Today she just received a call from a multi company offering for a job, theyre a US based company and theyre having a project in our place so they offered a job for my sister but then she is scheduled for a review by next year so its not going to happen soon. But her dream really is to be an accountant someday and i believe that she can make it. Well its going to be a wonderful year for us next year. All sacrifices are paid off, much than we expected. I remember once we were at the midst of family crises and what my father just told us is to make good of our studies so that we can proved to them that education are our key for survival. Non its slowly realizing all our dreams. Its indeed better to be humble than to be flatter yourself too much coz you dont know when the time comes youre at the downest part and the people you critizise and above of u. Time can only tell what will happen but one thing is sure as long as God is with ur side. Youll end up victorious.Mwah

Happy Birthday Nanay

Last November 12 we celebrated the natal day of my mom. It was a lot of surprises. We planned it out to suprise my mom with a mananita and we ordered a boquet of balloons for her. The day before, we planned everything including the songs we're going to sang and the things we need, Luckily everything turned out fine. It was more of a touching surprise for her. I knew how she sacrificed for us and even just with these little things, we can repay her goodness.She may not be the mom a lot fo people will dream of, she may be stict sometimes and tackless but to us she is the greatest mom and is not worth trading of. I knew a lot of people will eventually misjudge her but its only to her children whom her true soul will reflect.As what other people say, the greatness of a parents reflects on their own children, if she is not the great mom she is everyday, are we like these? I guess we cant just finish our studies and maybe we will not be molded the way we are today. I am proud that i belong to such great partners in the world and so as my siblings.We will always love them until they grew old until the time the sacrifice is unto our hands.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Blog Review

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Toronto Escorts

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loving It Right

When can you says that love seems so right and when does love seems wrong for us? Is it when you have the right love at the wrong time or is it when you have the right partnet but you dont have a the perfect moment.Theres always an irony when it comes to this 4 letter word. But no matter how ironic it is if you have the right feeling and you know how to sarcifice for him and for just the right thing, youll always end up victorius. Sometimes, in many cases, we felt that no matter how right we feel towards the person but since the time isnt just right for us, then it always ends up not right. And its wrong too to force yourself or to make some moves just to make the relationship at the right track. Ive learned that happy ending are most of the time difficult to arrive but it doesnt mean that there are no stories that are fairy-tales inspired. Coz first and foremost, we are the one creating our own love stories. We pick the cast- we pick our prince charming. We pick the time and setting of our stories and of course its still our choice to have a happy ending. But no matter how we try so hard to end up with the man we loved, if destiny doesnt permits us, and if its not really meant for us, then i guess its time to move on and cut the rope. Time to move forward but never gave up coz who knows as you walk in that road of broken paths - its where you meet the one person who will make you whole again.BY that time, you have the most sought after happy endings far from disneys and snow white inspired fairy tale.

Web Host Rating Site

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web hosting reviews to have an idea which provider youll pick. Then its really a must that you visit their site.


Its been a long day for us and i do hope that everyone would have a peaceful sleep there esepcially that its cold outside and indeed the spirit of Christmas can be felt. Here i am, at the net coz i need to email a very important thing. But lucky to have grab some fishes. Hopefully i can grab more.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Looking For Cards?

Normally we take forgranted giving cards especially during esepcial occasions thinking that its better to send it through our mobile phones or just by saying it personally. But i personally believe that cards are still the sweetest means of expressing your emotions and thoughs for the person. Its still the best way to convey your message in the sweetest means you could. I am personally a lover of cards, my former bfs then complained because i usually sent them card during monthsary much more on our anniversaries. I believe that i can express my feelings through it and i can make the person feel so special. Anyhow, have you heard of thank you cards ? Well if you havent heard of it, its also like a normal cards but its about expresisng gratitude to the one you owe, or something you owe a favor or gratitude. This is really in time especially that we are thinking of giving small token for my mom winnings, but as ive browsed this site, I am already thinking of giving a personalized cards like this one. This is indeed a great idea coz the receiver will really feel so gratified and overwhelmed.You can order just so easily at tahnkyoucards.com if you want to have personalized message or bulk orders. Visit the site now if you have other queries in mind.

Happy Sunday

Happy sunday guys, i do hope that you all have a great day. Did you go to church or maybe you just hang out at home and bond with your family members? i do hope you did spent qulaity time there? Well as of for me, its still like a holiday, im still at home and enjoying the company of my sister and several nephews. Its really a great day always. Anyway, Christmas Season is really fast approaching, we even have our own Christmnas tree at home and decorated our house like its a fiesta time. hehehe. But like the ambiance and how the house turned out to be.

Classy Bedroom Furnitures

Our bedroom is one of our most favorite parts of our home. It is where we rest and feel most the comfort of ourselves that is why it is indeed very important to have a great ambiance that best suites our personality and of course the colors of our room should also gives us a resting mood. When i was still in my previous company, i used to have insomnia. I coundlt sleep well especially if i have lots of things to think - work related most of the time. Whenever i got home i really wanted to rest and as much as possible locked my room so that i will have the privacy and can really rest. But ist true that if your bedroom is not that good then you will really have difficulty sleeping but if you have a great matress plus a nice painting that will help you achive a sleepy mood then youll surely be guaranteed of a fine sleep. You can choose a different motives for your bedroom, mine ws a bit girly. Its painted with pink stuff plus added painting of a very woman room. But if you want to make it like a hotel inspired room, then you can browse for great bedroom furnitures that will also fit within your budget. Consider having a rustic bedroom furniture for a rustic look in your bedroom. Made of a fine wood that are surely durable and is made of handmade wood works. Nowadays, you can create a different mood for your bedroom but whatever may it be, just make it sure that it will still be the best place in your house.

Fever and Flu

Apologize guys if you havent seen me for a while, i was a bit sick due to weather and good news am still home. My phon kept or irnging for few days coz i really need to be back the soonest. But really not feeling well. Would like to take this chance to thank my friends who have been visiting me for days eventhough i was not around, well time for me to return the favor. Be at your doorsteps soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Missing Home

I wasnt able to get my ticket now and hopefully it will still be fully booked by tomorrow,hehehe. I really want to stay here longer, i will surely missed the bonding that we had with my sister and with my family of course. But life must go one, we coundt affor to stick with them forever. Hays life, but anyway i asked my collegue if i could stay at least this week and do the duty for me, i hope she could coz by the time ill come back next week, i will surely double my time. But still dont know by now, hopefully. I will miss the food here and the cold breeze plus the great ambiance with my sister and everything including my addiction with the "plant vs. Zoombies".hehehe.