Friday, June 10, 2011

To Bring or Not to Bring?

I just packed my things up because i dont want to cram tomorrow. I am planning to take an afternoon trip. I havent texted yet my brother that i want him t fetch me up at the port, im just going to text him up later. I wish Misty will contact me later this afternoon so that ill know where were going to meet. But my hubby told me that she want us to meet at SM. Its a great place indeed as i wanna buy something for my sister. Yay, my sis texted me a while ago that she wanted to go with me. I wish i could ask my sister to go with me but then i knew i still have few stuff to deal with in the place so she might be complaining of being my ladyguard. Anyway, i hope to catch with you guys the soonest as im planning not to bring with me my lappy. I have a second thought bring it up because my brother has his own laptop too so i might just use his lappy. Im afraid for security purposes too. In the other end, i am so excited for my trip tomorrow. I wish i could buy great stuff for my mom and the rest of the family members. Wish me luck guys.

Shopping Galore

Oh my gosh, ill be going to Cebu tomorrow because my hubby asks me to do some urgent thing. And guess what? He wants me to shop too there. Isnt it an amazing surprise? He just called up a while ago telling me that he wants me to leave tomorrow. Yay, life is full of surprises..and before i knew it my hubby is coming home and guess what? Ill tell you in time...Have a great day!

I Heart You Honey

I guess my man deserves a space in this site. So, I'm giving him this post exclusively for him. Sorry guys, i am just so happy to start my day. Just in time when i arrived at office, he called up because he missed me..hehehhe. What a sweet gesture of him. I just cant help but smile while talking with him. He is actually at work now and while we were talking he suddenly had a client so he asked if he can attend to the client first, i knew he will just call back later. Meanwhile, last night he called me up at 1 am because he just want to hear my voice. I certainly believe that when you do think a lot about that person then the connection is really extreme. Maybe he calls a lot now because ive been thinking so hard about him.hehehe. To my lovey dovey, just stay safe there and you said once that you will always be there. Now, im telling you, i will always be there for you and I love you so much..Love is really in the air..hehehe..

Sharing Photos

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