Friday, March 18, 2011

My Flooding Experience

This is the second time so far that i experienced such massive flooding in our area. The last one was way back many years ago where i was still in college and the second time was yesterday. To begin with, it was rainy day when i went to office, i had an overtime because of some things to finish and we had a hard time waiting for a jeep so it took us few minutes before we got a ride. Anyway, when i arrived home i was so wet because of the heavy rain, though i can sense that the water may rise cause of the situation and the amount of rainfall that had been going out lately. But i was still positive that it wont happen, its march and rainy season is way back on December. Unfortunately, i was awaken by a noise at midnight because of some evacues from the neighborhood. We were told by my father to prepare and packed up the things we need just in case the water rise tremendously, and it did in just a few minutes. I wasnt able to sleep that night no matter how sleepy i am and no matter how tired i am, physically. Since theres no way i could rest, i just stayed at the hall which was just infront of the house to have shelter temporarily. i informed my hubby about whats going on and because he was so worried, he called up really lots of times to ensure my safety. He looked for pension houses and hotels that we could possibly shelter but then they were fully booked and some were already too far from my place. Until the following day, he monitors my whereabouts so as to know that i am really doing fine.
I absolutely canot give a word to describe him than a supportive boyfriend. He really didnt left me even in a single minute. I knew how busy he was but then he sets aside his work just to be with me regardless of the distance. There were times that we argued, and there were hours that i ry of desperation by which he comforst me by all means. Today was a new day to all of us, no floods anymore, no muds and no worries, at least. But then, this is a day which i could thank no less to my honey pie. Thank you for everything, for the support, for the care, for the patience and for every inch of the way that you become and became visible in joy and in my life's pain. I love you i all aspect of love and i hope to see you really soon.