Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Day

Ohh folks, apoligize if im extra busy this past few days and i swear i couldnt help it despite me adjusting to all my errands. Today, i managed to enjoy myself roaming around the town and it make myself good. The hubby was able to wired my allowance for the week so its kinda good doing something beyong the usual things. I was so busy from work, busy with my partner and with all my other activities. Just got another party invite for this month and its a wedding again. I knew im running out of party dresses and i wish to augment it the soonest.

Anyway, let me just share with you some good thougths today. Im just so happy having a blessed life and i cant ask for more. Thank God for really giving me a wonderful journey this year especially for giving me a hubby as thoughtful, as generous and as loving as him. I was just making "lambing" to him last night that i want to buy somethings. He teased me that ive been buying almost every week and he said i might not wear them all. Funny, but despite me being just making fun of my honey, he surprised me with a treat today. Isnt he so sweet all the time? Well, i have all the reasons in the world to embrace my life. I cant wait for the next few days for my Christmas shopping. Have a great day guys.