Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking for GE Dishwasher Parts?

Honestly speaking, i do love to stay at home and watch movie than to roam around downtown. I am a homebuddy type of person thats why my classmates before teased me that i hate to join them especially during beach time. Aside from the fact that im lazy going out because of the sun, i also hate the feeling of going home haggard and tired. I better just stay at home and stay at my room even for the entire day. Hey, i could still remember when i was a bit younger. I would do our laundry and it took me the entired day to finish it. Poor girl..While in managing our dishwashing, we take turns so that each one can help. Gladly, i am already exempted in doing some household chores do i still want to do it if im not tired.

My partner who stays at his house alone has his own dishwasher. Thats why he doesnt need to wash his plates and utensils after he's done with his meal. In fact, he was looking for GE dishwasher parts and GE refrigerator parts because his dishwasher is a bit acting weird. I forgot to ask this morning if he was able to buy already. I have actually searched for the said parts but mostly my search gave me stuff about Maytag dishwasher parts . I dont know if my hubby needs this. Well, how helpful the online resources are, right?

On Business Class Tickets...

Are you an adventurous type of person? Do you love travelling? Oh well, if you have the hobby of visiting great places then its time to check out Cheap business class flights. I remember our out of town adventure once, our circle of friends decided to have an out of town trip somewhere. The destination is a well known paradise island and it was absolutely one of the great trips i had. We hired a travel agency to organze the trip and do the booking and reservation. The package was just right knowing that we were six on that package. However, the plane tickets that they gave to us were quite pricey because there were no promo at that time. We inquire at the net where we could possibly find Cheap business class tickets but sadly we havent find any. We were really sad when we realized that we just missed the promo week which was just prior to the day we booked the package.

I realized its never easy to travel especially if you have a tight budget. From now on, i check some travel agency from time to time and consequently browse for business class tickets so that i will know the latest from them.

Embrace a Passion in Scrapbooking

Its fun reminiscing great memories. These memories ties us to the specials person in our life. Its with this reason why we love scrapbooking. We love to organize photos, add some details, color matching and other fun stuff that we could possibly add to the album. Some people have the passion in collecting photograhs and other family memorabilia just to preserve the memories in it.

In fact, ive know few friends who have collections of scrapbooking albums and i find it truly amazing. I really do wish i could have made one but then i dont have the patience in looking for graphics and other art materials. Although, i saw a scrapbooking stickers at the mall and it was ready for pasting at your album. Instead of looking for some pics and cutting out art papers and other image then you could just but a ready to grab stickers and then arrange it at your album depending on your choice of theme. Hopefully, i could be a certified scrapper soon.

How about you guys, do you have the passion of organizing photos, picking up art materials, cutting out graphics and other nice things you can do just to end up with a scrapbooking album? Hows the experience? Do you find it rewarding?

Conquerring The Past

It had been few days that i am currently in wild thoughts about some past that i wish i had formal closure. My former boyfriend whom i had relationship for quite a while is runing my mind for a couple of nights. I had a lot of question and a dozens of "what ifs". I sometimes think if i made the right move or was my decision right. We didnt had the chance to talk about us because we both have personal issues that we are dealing at that time. When i was in Cebu, he tried to contact me and he wanted to go to my place to patch up things but i didnt allow him. Months had passed and while i was busy minding my own life and so as he, a news reached to me that he is now married and just a few days ago, i heard that he had a son already. Ive thought that i had moved on but really, it gave me still a sleepless nights and a broken heart. I knew i am becoming unfair because i am committed already. I have a wonderful man who gave me everything i want. loves me with no condition and most of all respect the entirety of me. Maybe, just maybe i am just confused of my feeling because of the past that is so hard to conquer.

I believe love is about holding on and never let go. Yes, its painful now knowing that he end up with another girl, I do wished that we can still be together despite what happened. I still do dream that it still me that he is thinking and dreaming but reality hurts and thats where the pain of moving on starts. When you think that theres no way where you can fight the person you want then its just right to surrender the battle. Our past is very special to me because of so many memories that we shared. We had lots of out of town trips, we shared lots of heartaches and laughter. We conquer a lot of relationship triumphs and yet what hurts most is at the end of the day he choose to leave me. The latter is enough reminder for me to embrace my present relationship. He may not be the best man in whole world but in my life he is my knight in shining armour that stood for me when all of the people i loved left me.

LOve is not always perfect and theres no such thing as perfect story. Fairytales and story book are just meant for day dreaming and maybe to inspire us a little. Love is nevery easy, it was never an easy journey knowing the pain and nerve breaking moments one has to experience while fighting for the one you love. BUt one thing is sure, its goung to be a rewarding and fulfilling path especially if you've found the right partner. Maybe, the pain will never vanished easily but the love that im receiving from my man will surely bring heal the wound the soonest. I had so many fight in my life and this time around i will overcome all our obstacles and face our challenges coz he is worth of my love and trust. Yes, he is a fair bargain.