Friday, January 9, 2009

Most Popular Dog and Cat names 2008

Here are some Popular names of Cat and Dogs for 2008:

Most Popular Dog Names of 2008


Hehehehe, theyre simply amazing!

Sentimental Fool

I remember my honey pie words when we had a very serious argument " sometimes we must be hurt in order to grom coz lessons are best learned in pain", my tears fell whenever i remember him in pain because of me, becuase me being so stupid, i never want to hurt him in any way, that is why i am always in regret hurting him. Everytime i remember his good deeds for me, i cry of disappointment, i never love this way before, that is why i cant afford to lose him. Just as everybody wishes, i am always looking forward that one day i can have him, coz he was still my man and will be my man for as long as i live.
I love u always....

Thaks for Being so Sweet

My day is really filled with emptiness, i miss my honey pie, as the days goes on ive been looking forward for our chats, i missed u really darling...Thanks for being so sweet always, He is the person i knew will always brightens my day,,,,i love u so much.