Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Special Moments Need to Be Cherished

I was a bit tired today doing few errands but happy too that i completed everything that i need to be done. Now, i have to give time to my blogs. I am really wishing that i will have extra time to boosts some traffic and visit other sites. It was already long time ago that i did that, i was pre-occupied with my two new sites so that plan of visiting other links soon just vanished. The tasks are quite pouring since the start of the year so i blame it too so i lack time returning visits and honestly i missed randmly browsing and checking my friend's sites.

I am really lacking time for my sites and i hope to just skip doing offline things and focus on my sites even just a day. I really hope i can do that. Let's see!! I badly need to just do some quality networking since these days, my normal scenario is usually doing some paid tasks. I still have seven tasks more to do but i am still giving a little interim to all of my sites. I need not to dominate my postings with linkies so since i have an extra time today, i have to do some updates.

Well, i was actually supposed to wite about some quotes i found online but since i overwrite about personal stuff then that would be reserved tomorrow.