Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day of Fun and Surprises

I cant believe i would end up at the mall and join lunch with my boss. Its actually amazing yet some kind of memorable day. At the end, i had a great time roaming around the mall while my boss was doing the interview of some applicants and joined lunch with them. It was an unexpected day off and i kinda loved how this day gives pretty surprises. I met a former teacher too and glad we did exchange smiles and short chitchats. Her daughter is my former classmate and i really admire this teacher of mine who is very down to earth despite their status in the place. Im amazed how im so much closed to my former mentors. In fact, we would normally exchange hi and hello's wherever we met and i always have high regards to all my mentors. I remember this teacher of mine whom i met at the mall today, a cousin told me that she told her that i was her favorite student and i was smiling big time when i learned about this short flattery. I was actually hesitant if im going to do the first move but then i did and she smiles big time when she learned that it was me. She told me that she cant remember me if i didnt take the first move coz i gained so much. I just smile but then she added with a little flowery words of compliment and its no surprising, she indeed is my favorite mentor.hehehe.

Oh, tomorrow is friday and that signals for something else to look forward this weekend. To my friends, i hope you had a great day.