Monday, January 14, 2008


From one kind deed to another, from one argument to the other, i always have the reason to stay and keep on believing but now after the last few drops of tears have dried, i have finally found my place out of his life.
After a tug of war of letting go or holding on, i have finally decided to cut the rope and set him free..Thu it means a pain in my heart knowing that he would be happier with somebody else arms, its still nice to see him happy thu it means im not part of it.
I can still remember the times, when i couldnt think but him in my everyday life, he was my inspiration, he was my saviour, he was my bestfriend, he was everything to me.Honestly i dont know how life was, without him.i would like to believe that he had loved me but my senses refused to coz if he does why would he allow such pain to come into my life.True, i was not expecting or the best word to say, i was overconfident..i was really blind that he would do this, but it already happened. I could still remember the times when it was better at bed and spend the day reminiscing the memories..going all over again your special moments, those wonderful times together...I had lots of regrets...i had lots of "if only..."
But now,i try to look forward and learn from my mistakes, thu i still love him, i want to think that God saves the best for me.I would like to think that someday when all the pains vanished, i would be able to smile and finally look for a new dawn, a dawn of love that will forever be mine

just droppin by..

hi,im back..hehehhe.well i have lots of things to share since ive missed writing again,,well i go home last weekened,i spend the entire days with my family.I missed them so much especially my nephews..i just slept the whole day and played with them,,just trying to enjoy the company of them.I also had dinner with my bestfriend,Dave last saturday.Well it was pretty well.we enjoy talking a lot of nonsenses things.hehhe.oh by the way,my lola is still not well the entire family prayed for her immediete recovery,,hope you do too.pls...