Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garden Groom

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Pinoy Blog Directories

In the recent surveys, Filipinos are becoming more internet savvy compared to people decade ago. because of the high tech gadgets that is introduced in the market nowadays, more and more Filipinos are experiencing internet at the conforts of their houses.And to that, more and more people are discovering the easiest way to earn online and of course that is thru blogging. But earning is not that easy as 123, it doesnt just begin by creating a blog, moreso it just a beginning of your blogging journey. Like what ive experienced there are several things to consider like getting traffic, pr, alexa ranking and much more, these are just few things to do when you want higher opps. But sadly, i have also heared about this social stigma in the blogging community, ive heared once that a location of the blogger matter as far as giving opps is concerned. Izea gives higher opps if your location is in Europe, somewhere is the US and in short if you are in developing countries like the Philippines, expect that we will have lesser opps compared to them, that is why many Filipino blogger are really struggling to have higher PR and of course to make their blog in one of the tops in the blogosphere.
To some Filipino bloggers out there, i wanted to share with you some Pinoy Blog Directories where you can submit your blog for exposure.
1. http://www.pinoyblogger.com/
2. http://www.pinoyweblisting.com/
3. http://www.topblogs.com.ph/
4. http://www.top100bloggers.com/
5. http://www.bloggapedia.com/
6. http://www.pinoysites.org/
7. http://www.blogsbycountry.com/philippine-blog-directory/

These are just few of the top blog directories i visited, if you knew other pinoy blog directories, i would be very glad if youll share it with me and other struggling pinoy bloggers.

Sponsored Tweets

Now you will not only enjoy twitter, you will surely love tweeting again and again and again, wondering why? Its simply because in this new era, its not only in blogging you will have time to earn, its also by tweeting, there is what we called sponsored tweets, that will pay you in tweeting. Mostly this sponsored tweets are for internet marketing, product promotion, product launching and other marketing strategy. But surely to those internet savvy out there, this is a good news, coz our money making portals are becoming larger. Cheers to that!

Ox Outlook for 2010

This is my Chinese sign, and i just want to share with you the forecast for this year>

My Birthdate is : September 16, 1985

Here is goes:

Ox Overview
You could have a measure of good luck this year as the Tiger seems to bring some to everyone, and Metal is the Ox's most favorable element. On the other hand, you might as well be prepared to face some challenges. Tiger style is not conducive to your peace of mind. This is not the time to march forth boldly into battle heedless of the consequences. You will have to pick your fights and show much restraint if you want to be successful overall. You are only likely to have two great months this year; make sure to take advantage of the opportunities they provide. The rest of the time you need to tone down your efforts and press ahead carefully with ongoing projects.
Ox Rating
29% (2 favorable and 10 unfavorable months)
Ox Career
A year of transition and unexpected changes in career prospects could unnerve the Ox in 2010, especially after what have likely been two years of steady progress. The Tiger could present great long-term opportunities in the Ox's profession, but you may not readily see it this way unless you are willing to reconsider well-laid plans. It is not a good time to push ahead too boldly. Rather, focus on maintaining gains already made and strengthening your professional reputation. Better yet, making yourself more valuable in your field by diversifying your skill set and pursuing additional accreditations or qualifications will be fruitful endeavors this year. Self-improvement will position you for future successes.
Ox Relationships
While generally a quiet year, Oxen will enjoy a number of memorable occasions with loved ones and develop valuable new contacts. Happiness could be focused around a younger person who is a source of pride and comfort. A recent acquaintance could become more important in your life, and development of this relationship over the year could have powerful meaning for you. Unattached Oxen could find a deeper love in a blossoming friendship. Family relationships should be a reliable source of support and encouragement when things don't go as smoothly as you would like. Try to be especially straightforward and open with your feelings and not let small problems fester or escalate this year.
Ox Health
Burnout is a risk this year if your reaction to setbacks tends to be simply working harder. For your mental health it's advisable to take up some hobby or interest that is completely new to you and that doesn't directly relate to your current goals or responsibilities. The challenge of mastering a new skill is likely to be a healthy way to refocus some of your energies that may be frustrated over the course of the year. Furthermore, it is likely that you will discover you have some abilities you were unaware of, which will boost your self-esteem and personal outlook for the future.
Ox Wealth
Your cautious approach will serve you well in 2010; although, you may be uncharacteristically tempted by fast-moving forces to take unusual risks. Do not let yourself be pushed or pressured to follow the crowd in financial matters. If everyone else suffers a big loss, so be it. There may be lucrative opportunities where wealth is concerned, and you should certainly investigate and take advantage of them. But, this is no time to throw caution to the wind. Rely on your methodical and patient style when making money decisions this year.


Everybody talks about it everyday, its the highlight of our television, radio, print ads and any media outlets, besides that what theyre made up for, to deliver the hottest and the latest news on anything that may caught our attention. It may be in the field of sports, national events, catastrophe and even anything and everything under the sun. But believe in my 25 years of existence, this is my first time ive read and realized the meaning of the acronym for the word NEWS. Though i oftentimes talked about it, used it but poor girl i dont know even its acronym. Just until, this morning while i was watching a show, a trivia came in and it was about NEWS, and it says>
NEWS - North, East, West and South
Yes, thats what it stand for, quite simple but not all knew that, right? i was wondering why it was abbreviated that way?, maybe because news can happen everywhere, anywhere in the entire planet.Huh?
But here are some of the accronyms for NEWS:

Acronym and Definition
North, East, West, South (compass points)
National Early Warning System (Sri Lanka)
North East Watercolor Society (New York, USA)
NetWare Early Warning System
Network Window System
Network Extensible Windowing System
Napa Emergency Women's Services
Nuclear Events Web-based System (IAEA)
Network Windowing System
Naval Electronic Warfare Simulator
Never Eat Soggy Wheat (mnemonic for compass points)
Naval Environmental Watch Steward
NAVAIDS, Emergency Return, Weather, Standard Instrument Departure/Speeds
Network of European Worldshops (Germany)