Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am Sleepy

Oh my, im so sleepy now, but i really don't want to sleep coz i will prepare all my things. I hope my friend will fetch me up here so that i have company to the terminal. Ive been busy trying to clean things in the room, plus manang - the one who clean our dirty clothes, is not yet done of the laundry. I wish i could left here earlier.

Critiques and Friends

Of course the world is not perfect so as the people living in here. Some may like you and some may definitely get envy on you for no reason. Maybe because they hate you because they saw you as a potential competitor on them or simply because they cant stand out when your there. That is basically normal human persona, its very natural for us to be insecure, get irritated and be mad. They are felt because human has emotions and capable of feeling those not so good attitude. Nevertheless, when you knew for yourself that you don't aggrieved any party nor you hurt any people then basically life must go on. BUT if your attitude comes with an over confidence to the extent that you felt that you own the world, then please be awaken coz life doesn't always has happy endings. I really hate people who are overconfident and as if they felt that they don't need anyone. I guess it has something to do with the way they were molded and brought up. I have a friend who is really a socialite, i mean she just lives alone here but life in the city is extremely different. She really hang out at night especially if its pay day and she is also so tackless, i mean there's really nothing wrong with being so vocal for as long as you don't offend anyone but if its beyond your limitations then its another story. Everybody in the group hates her and i guess she also felt that there's something wrong in her attitude. We always reminds her that there is nothing wrong to be a socialite coz its part of socialization and gaining wider circle of friends, at least socialization is good than being a social climber, right?

Happy Wednesday

Its a great day for me and i hope for you too guys. I will take the last trip tonight on my way home and im so excited. At last ill be able to spend time with my family and sleep in my bed and bond with my sister. Though it will just be few days but iI still happy to be back home. Indeed, there's no place like home. Im sure its going to be a tough fight in the Barangay election but may the best people win. Its a game of strategies and of money, of course reality check. People will vote those who have money and seldom they vote for people who have sincere intentions. Anyhow, i still wish that things will went out fine. I hope candidates will be as behaved as possible and i also wish our constituents will not vote for people who are nonsense and doesn't know anything. I hope they will become intelligent voters as possible because public service requires brain. If you are just a typical individual who doesn't know anything except to listen then i guess the job is not for you, better stay at home and washed clothes. Coz progress comes when there are leaders who really know how to lead a place. Indeed leaders are not born they are made. Good luck to those who are running for an elective posts. May you all achieve your goals at the end of the day.