Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Install Sitemap for your site easily

To increase your pagerank, you need to have a considerable traffic for it to be ranked by Google. Nonetheless, a sitemap for your site is a big help. Want to know how youll do it.

Heres how:

How to drive more traffic

click the link above and install a sitemap for your page.
See the result.

Google Analytics

Have you installed already your google analytics? Well i advised you to do it today. If you are monetizing your blog or you just want to monitor your stats of your page then this is the best way to do it. Its simple and it is user friendly.

How to do it, try this:

1. Log on to

2. Look for the sign up portion, which i located at the overview page.

3. Supply the needed information.

4. Lastly, put the tracking code into your site, then click save and finish.

Rainy Morning

Good morning guys, am here signing in. Its a cold and rainy morning once again but then its time to wake up and do the usual activities. how was your sleep guys? Did u have a great sleep? I hope u did, coz i did had a wonderful sleep. Wondering why i woke up this early, well i need to pay my credit card as early as today to avoid charges. Good thing, i just sent it through teir accredited payment center. I am supposed to go to Adorimus but then the rain makes me so lazy to go there. I do hope i could just pay the visit next week. I also need to meet my former administrator of our school because he wanted to see me, i do hope i can do it this week. Well its time for me first to do some usual blog visit, Expect me at your doorsteps guys.