Friday, May 11, 2012

Popcorn Business

Thank God im in the mood to write thats why i started this post before i lose that sense of passion again. I wonder how is it like to be completely mentally blocked. I mean the type where i would lose all my senses and consciousness. God Forbids, hehehe.
Well, as i was saying my mood started perfectly today for some reasons. Do i need to write it here, ohh no..I love to keep some private things solely for keep. So my day was as usual addressing some errands that i have to do other than great things. Maybe shopping, i love it and i did it once more. At least, i could reap some fruits of a hard earned labor. As i was preparing for home, i dropped by at a stall to take out some foods and fruits. I saw this popcorn stall and i was really enticed to buy some and i did for crave sake.

 I take out some and eat it on my way home, timely as my aunt was with the same jeep as i do. We chitchat to death while munching some. I told her that if we want to get into partnership then a popcorn business is a great choice. She asked how much it will costs us to get a popcorn machine and told her, not that costly compared to other franchise investment. Well, someday we could have our own investment and i always dream for that.