Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Day

I was asked by my hubby to do something today. It was urgent so i decided just to ask for a leave today. nevertheless, i am thankful that i had a chance to do my personaly grocery too and roam around. I was planning to bring with me my nephew but i knew i had too many things todeal with. Good thing i trust my intuition because it rains when i was on my way home. Anyway guys, whats new today? Anything? It was a great day for me because we had a nice talk last night with my honey pie. We were planning for the future and all those things that we need. We are actually planning to adopt a child but we're still thinking as to when we can do that and who is the possible mother. I dont know what i did to deserve all the blessings im having now but i guess it all boils down with the simple rule in life - to do what is good and be a light to others. Have a great day guys.