Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still Raining Tuesday

I'm still worried that a possible flood may hit again on our place. Gracious, been few days that the rain hits non stop which make me lazy to wake up every morning. But on the other end, having this cold weather is best to stay in bed and bond with your pillows and mags, right guys? I almost do it in a few days. I bought few magazines and open it when i do have time and so far i just opened two out of my five purchase. I still have few mags to while away my time. Anyway, ive done few errands before i went to work. I wired my sister again for her allowance and im quite broke as of today. Well, i have to page my honey to read this post but i guess i need not coz anytime this week i will surely get some from him. That's how sweet my partner is.I don't need to tell him coz often he would just surprise me with his kind thoughts even at my most typical day. Speaking of the latter, i kinda forgot to text him yesterday so when he woke up early last night (my time) he immediately phoned me if i was just alright. Poor honey, he is sick again hopefully he will be well soon. I sometimes teased him that just don't to take some vacay coz he has so many mouth to feed. (hehehe) which he would get mad coz he said my family is his family which make my heart melts big time.

Anyway, i have to start again writing few articles today. Well, i need to save few bucks for my sisters expense. So ciao now guys.