Saturday, January 15, 2011

Souvenir Photos

When i was sharing an apartment way back in my former work environment, i had a friend who was really fond of taking pictures. Whenever we went for a planned vacation, she will really had a camera on her. It was fun and exciting coz every scenes are captured into memories. In fact, until now she still has these fondness for pictures. I really regret the fact that i am not fond of pictures nor taking pictures in places that i often visited. I regret that i wasnt able to capture the moments where i shared special memries with loved ones or even just the time i spent with the place. But late last year, i have accomplished a scrapbook with my souvenir photos there. I put captions and arranged it by the date it was taken. When im done with the photo book, i shared it with some friends and im glad they like it. Now i still have it with me and whenever im the mood to look back at some memories, there is the photo book which reminds me of the scenes and memories i once had. Speaking of photo book, Did you know that photo book needs to be durable because once it is not made of good quality, you will just suffer with pictures that will end up exfoliating in apperance. It reminds me one day of an experience i cound forget, i was looking for a photo album then and these photo book that i picked has an attractive cover which made me decides to picked it up, to my dismay when i opened it up at home, i found the pages being moistured and exfoliated. I just didnt used it at all, anyway if youre looking for one, try to browse for photo posters. Im sure you'll like its quality.