Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad Fight

Its such a tough job sharing to your readers any sad encounters because as much as you want this an avenue for personal circumstances but sharing hapy thoughts is far more rewarding. Today is one of the few moments where i ask for understanding from my constant visitors, please just do allow me to vent over my hearts garbages. Its been a long day for us, we had a big fight with my hubby that it leads to something i wish it didnt happened. It all started with petty arguments that just boosts into something big. I want to understand my hubby because i knew how all his sacrifices. We are dealing much with issues that we are both trying to settle, we are helping a single parent whom her child was confined at a hospital. My hubby has been taking care of all her needs since the start. She was indeed so lucky that an angel came into them unfortunately there are circumstances where its hard to predict. Like now, my partner wants me to settle the bills of the child because he was suspicious of the high bills and medications that he was paying. He was spending so much already for the past few days that i even told him to be extra careful in helping people. My hubby is such a great man that he wants to save the world if he can. But out of those discussions, we had a bad argument that i end up crying. It was bad because we didnt even fight about us but now we are fighting because of someone else's issues. I decided to just end the argument and refuse to talk to him. He texted me to say sorry and i was relieved because honestly he was very apologetic, i knew there are times that he is aggressive by nature but there are more times that he is sweet and caring. Before i charged my phone, i received another sms from him saying that he doesnt want to let me go and that he would do everything for me to talk to him. I was flaterred because i knew how much he value me but more than anything else i am happy because i realized i found a great man. I knew fights are just part of the spices of a relationship, i wish things will be settled tonight. I wish you knew hon how much you mean to my life and that you know how we survived mountains of tests and heartaches but i hope you realize the one reason why i still go back with you, because you simply love me the way i want to be loved and that has made all the difference.