Friday, August 5, 2011


Its past 1 in the afternoon but i haven't taken my lunch yet. I guess i need to do it now because i can feel something strange in my stomach. This day brings a good surprise to me. My Money Talks site gain a PR already. Thank God. So allow this busy blogger to eat her meal first. See yah.

For Curiosity's Sake

The other day, i bond with some gay friends. We roam around the downtown and visit some shops the caught our attention. For a brief info, my closest friends way back in my college years are mostly gays and i love being with them. In fact, when i moved in to the nearest city last year for work privileged i bond with my best friend which also belong to the third sex. Going back, when we had our lunch my friend told me about a story of her room mate. He was a little bit pissed because the room mate was a bit clumsy. He doesn't like the way his room mate messed up their apartment. In fact the other day, according to him he found a toy at the floor. He thought it was just a simple toy but it gives him a shocking face when he found out it was something that needs to be kept privately. Good thing he read sex toys handbook to at least he is aware how to deal with such matters.

Internet Dongles

I was browsing the net when my phone rang, good thing i noticed it because it was my brother. He was asking me about internet dongles. He was interested to know the best USB internet dongles. He wants me to compare internet dongles for he needs a portable internet accessory that will address his internet needs. A wireless dongle is a new internet USB dongle that offers faster speed than the usual mobile broadband. Its important to have a perfect package that suits well with your needs. Check the online resource to know more about this stuff or visit their page to have relevant inputs about the best USB dongles available in the market.

Passing By

First off, i wanna greet you a great Friday morning. I hope you are all doing great guys. The good news, today is the last day of work. Time for long nap tomorrow. But i don't think i can, we have visitors coming tomorrow and will stay the entire weekend. My week was great, ive been super productive. Ive hit my quota for the week and ive been blessed to have tasks today. I managed to finish ten tasks yesterday and no matter how lazy i am to do all those stuff, i did. My motivation was simple, i just think the things i wanna buy next month and there my brain works fast. Last month was so good to me, i managed to earn few hundred fro my blog alone and i earn triple for my product reviews.I enjoy the fact that i cant simply buy what i want but i can buy the things my other siblings want. But of course, i am considering of opening a savings account. I am in the midst of planning my finances, hopefully by next month i could proceed with the main plan.

Truly, yesterday was a tiring day, i mean mentally. When my hubby called up late at night, i cant recall what i was saying. When i woke i texted my partner what i was telling him last night. He was just laughing but he knew i need to double my time because of some goals that i want in my life. I am never dependent on him because i want to have freedom and i am capable of earning. You don't believe guys, how i managed my time. I am a regular employee, and im a blogger. There are times where i felt my brain is so empty, i cant think anymore of the right words to say. That's why there are times that i asked for leave because i wanna rest and gladly, my hubby is just a text away. When i need urgent things or anything that i want, he will always be there to save me.

Well, i am supposed to just share some updates but here i am talking everything. Maybe, its the very reason why i need more page to share. Have a great day guys!