Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If men were gadgets, your ideal guy would be?

a. An Ipod, you love turning him on but dont need to listen to him 24/7.
b. A flat screen TV, with a lifetime warranty, you could gaze at him forever.
c. a disposable camera.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When can i catch a fish?

Triple P is really giving lots of opps yesterday, i am just so unlucky to catch them, when i refreshed my dashboard, i have 4 oppurtunity that is in color gray, i missed it.Anyway i am praying for a fish today, hope Triple P, will allow me to catch it, since i need to have monar..*sigh*
Anyway, a blesses morning to everyone and pls cross your finger for me for a blessing today..harharhar..

Monday, July 28, 2008

Common Signs of Secret Betrayal...

According to statistics, 22% of men and 13% of women cheat, even those who claimed to have a happy marriage has underwent betrayal. However, forgiving and forgetting has always been an option, reuniting for the sake of yoru children, or for the long years you have been together, is not always a good reason to start again, accoding to psychology, it should always be the love to your significant other, that will drives you to work out and patch up things.
Anyhow, try to consider these things:

*Here are some common signs that may indicate secret betrayal:

1. He/she works late a lot.
2. He/she suddenly takes trips you aren't invited to go on.
3. He/she spends too much time with hobbies that don't include you.
4. You get mysterious phone calls with hang-ups.
5. You find bills for unexplained hotel stays or gift-type items.
6. Intimacy in your relationship dramatically decreases.
7. He/she grows more distant or agitated than usual

From: Ms Diana Kirshner, Ph.D
Author of: Love in 90 days

Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!

My greetings for a happy weekend comes to all of you guys!
well, i will be going home to my place, since its my holiday.
its weekends already, time to realax and rest.
spend time with my family, hope you all have a beautiful and great
weekends everyone!
I'll be back on monday, mwaaaaaaah

Victoria's Secret

Want to know the secret for an irresistable charm? mind you its not the looks nor your outfit, its not yout hair either, apparently, its your scent that made your man go crazy..
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re: childrens organs: for sale?

To those who visited my site and reacted much on the article "Childrens Organs:For sale?, i just want to post again on this matter, while the news is so hot on newspaper and local radio on my place, i wanted to just express how i felt sad to those who made some comment, questioning how reliable my news is, theyre also questioning the credibility of my source.
The post was based on what's really happening on my place, it was just more on giving precautions to parents and to other people who dont know yet of that incident, i am no saying that theres really a market for that internal organs nor ive quoted on anything that may lead to whoever is responsible for that. I believe that my opinion on that matter means no harm nor on any way libelious.
Still, the author believes in the freedom of speech, anyhow, this is a page of opinions.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cheer up

It was so early this morning, when my tantrums ruin my day, to the point that i came to the office late with tears in my eyes. As usual it had always been a rant over my love life, unendless pain.
Happiness is a choice and mistakes as they say is invitable, yeah the're totally right, every individual has the right and has the choice between what will make his/her happy, she has the right to choose who to be with, in order to be happy in life.However mistakes are always invitable, nobody knew what will happen as the consequence in every decision we made, nobody can tell, but for as long as we knew that it will make us fine, and it will promote goodness and happiness mentally, physically and emotionally then theres no reason for regrets.
I have always wonder why i always made wrong choices in my life, i can name few on which i was stupid enough to make decisions that eventually i regret at the end, as it has always been, i always end up falling in love with someone, by now i wish i didnt, Im not a perfectionist nor a type of person who is hopelessly romantic, i dont even believe in flowers nor do i believe in chocolates, nor i dream for a happy ending. I am just a typical woman, who believes and still do wish for someone who could just respect, trust and love me. These are just the simple things i wouldnt bargain, things i am hoping to find in someone i am with, especially the later.
But as sad as it seems, things arent perfect, my tears has always been fallin from the very start i felt in love with my first love and until now it has been falling. My heart was broke by someone way back on my cloudy days, and until now, still they arent gettin tired of breaking it into pieces.
Hopefully i could still fix it, thu the scar is there, i am still positive that in God's best time someone will come, to heal, to ease the pain and to complete my love story.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

credit card blow-out

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Childrens Organs: For Sale?

It was really a shocking news, not only to the people in my place but for the entire region about the rampant kidnapping among toddlers this past few days. It was really so alarming not only for the parents but for everybody else about the dreaded syndicate said to be selling body parts particularly eyes and internal organs..

It is said that this syndicate gets the organs of this children and allegedly leaves a sum of money inside the dead body.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Non - Negotiable

Yesterday i was browsing over a magazine, and a certain article really caught my attention, its all about searching for one truel love, its the article of Bo Sanches on his magazine "Kerygma".
Bo was trying to tell to his readers about certain things to consider in looking for your other half, since it has always been a fact that settling for good is not just like an ordinary decision making. It entails a lot of prayers, sacrifices and adjustments, so before we say "I do". lets all have reflections first on what are the things that are non- negotiable, i mean things you are looking for in a man, a husbad material, for that matter:
In my case heres my list of what i want my man to be:
1. He must be a good listener.
- I am a person who is really so emotional, i oftentimes cry even for nonsense things (stupid), i am the sensitive type of person, that is why, i am looking for someone who could gives me a shoulder to lean on, on my difficult time.
2. He must be a family - oriented man.
- I always love my family and will always will, that is why if ever ill setlle for good, ill choose
for someone who will also loves my family as if his own, bonds with them, and who could
laugh with us, as we dinned together.
3. He must be gentleman, sweet but strong enough to make me grounded.
- I dont have problem being submissive, he just have to be worth it.
4. He must have sense of humor
- It always feels great that despite your hectic schedule, you will bond with someone who will
gives you a fresh smile, laughter has always been the best medicine,and for that matter,
being with someone who could just gives you a a smile despite some depressions gives the
feeling of comfort, and that made all the difference.
Fo all gals, out there, hope i have inspired you and gives you some thougths to ponder...
See yah...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Im back....

Have a nice day bloggers? hows your moning doing?
well i really missed you guys, and surely i have long way
to catched up with the blogging world,
Been so busy with my reports on our mid year planning.
That is why, was not able to update...
well my warmest "hi" to everyone..
miss u guys..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

love basics?

Today marks our first mnthsary of my bf, but the day seems just so ordinary, no greetings, no celebrations..just as if nothing so getting so emotional, but for a woman like me, it always been the most important days in our lives, we always treasure especial occasions, yeah, i am like that.Perhaps i just expect much from the relationship, that each time it fails, i always rants about it, complain and i always have the feeling of moving out from the foursquare hole.

I always tell him that if the day comes that he no longer felt something special for me, he should just be honest and tell me directly about what he truelly felt, coz i dont want that ill came to a point that i would be overstepping my boundary, in the sense that, i would believe that i have the right over him but in reality, i have nothing over him, since he is emotionally unattached, its just better to be civil and have separate lives that expecting too much from him, from us.
I still remember, a very sad thing, it was the mourn of my grand mom, i asked him to be at the house and joined the family for the night vigil, as i was expceting him to be gentleman in a way that he would accept my favor and be at the house for tbat night, but to my dismay, he choose to be with his friends and enjoy their company. It was quite sad on my part because as his gf, i was emotionally down at that time, and i need his shoulder to lean on, but he didnt show up. That was the first time i felt so bad, not on him but on his attitude, i knew i need to accept him in both sides, as we are in the process of adjustments but sometimes im getting tired for always understanding, sometimes my heart also get tired, it sometimes think of giving up..
I just wander, coz my friends say that a relationship should always be a home where you can find comforts of a partner, a home for both joy and sorrow as you get along with the trials and tests of life, a relationship should be a bridge to bring goodness and welfare to both partners, and if it doenst, it is not love based, its a selfish relationship.
An ideal partner should be at your side during the saddest times of your life, he would think of you than of his own, love should be not be self centerd..If at the end of the day you find yourself, still unhappy, just take time and never waste a single moment to look for a man who would provide your other half..coz true love waits.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The best of life

" The best and the most beautiful things in this world cannot even seen nor heared, but must be felt within

the HEART"

What a beautiful statements, indeed..this just tells us about how mysterious our life is.

Coz even if how we are sorrounded with the conforts life, still you find emptiness, if you feel unloved.

Basically, love is such so powerful that an individual can even walked a hundred kilometers, crosses

oceans, and even gave the stars for the one person they love, to the apple of their eye.

Nevertheless, despite the beautiful feeling that it gave to us, it also brings the most painful

memories in our life, the unforgettable brokenness in oneselves..

Anyhow, at the end of each day, its still Love

that makes the world go round...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

life's moments

i heared from my teacher, wayback on my high school days, of that particular saying..
Indeed life is not about milestones, it about how you spend quality times together..
i just wanna share something about the death of my beloved lola..
whom at this very hour, i knew is in paradise with the Almighty
im sure of that....
She passed away, last thursday night, with a diagnosed - major organ complications
The family knew that our lola will soon be leaving as the doctor gave her only a few months
as her disease would spread on her entire body.We knew all along that major operations
would be so impossible since, she was already too old for that.Even she, herself said
that it would be best for her to go home, and spend time with us..
Since we were all busy with our respective works, we often find it hard to spend a talk
with her in each passing day, in my case, twice a week would be best, if we could be together
knowing the nature of my work and my location.
I often regrets now, why i didnt find time to even just tell her how much she's special.
i often regret that i havent tell her, that all this time im very much grateful
that i have a great lola, like her..
Now, i misse her presence, i missed how she was really a great woman.
She was a true sense of motherhood.She is really a woman of great honor.
I missed the way she cares for us, coz it all reminds me of her sacrifices
especially when we were studying..
But one thing i want to share to everybody else..
that i guesss and i believe that is important in our daily life..
is to learn how to value our loved one, be expressive and learn how to say i love u
even in the most simplest way, because life is not about the years we lived,
rather its about the moments weve created.....

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Monday, July 7, 2008


im really not the type of person who bring along my stories, my frustrations to the open, but just to relieve this burden, i wanna just share my disappointments and my tears as well.
honestly, i felt broken..i felt empty...still dont know what to write this time,all i knew..i wanted to ease the pain..i just want to cry and cry and cry...and just sleep. hoping tomorrow, it would be a different day..
i dont dream for a perfect relationship nor look for someone so ideal,.a man who could just makes me laugh will do,.
i knew that relationship has its ups and downs, but i dont believe that it would bring all along the grief and pain..coz if he really loves me, he would look for ways not to hurt me either,,but every passing day, i always feel unloved, i feel being used, i felt that i am always alone, like i was before...whats the use of settling with the relationship?
It all started when i asked the typical question of "do u love me?" hopin he would reply with the most flattering the case maybe,,,but to my dismay,,he left me hangin,,and choose not to answer at all..i know i didnt have the right to question him, coz nobody could force us to say things, if he really doesnt feel it, he was just being honest..
and i was just a dreamer...
its also my fault,,,i fall in love,,i should take the pain, the consequence...
accept the fact that he doesnt love me, he will not love me...
i dont know,,,it still hurts...


Love lesson for the day

i always feel disappointed and frustrated in my relationship
i always ask "why?', i always wonder whay the feelings bothers me whenever
im with him, i want to believe that thi will just pass, and that
its just part of the adjustments, but id didnt..
My friends always reminds me to a fact that
a relationship should always brings something good for you.
it will give you joy, somehow, pain in some few times.
frustrations, perhaps and some sort of inspiration..
I always look for that things, in him, in us..
but neither do i felt some strange things..
neither do i feel inspired
neither do i feel loved...
The barrometer should be,,
When sticking with someone else
the determining factor should be LOVE
coz everything will come along...
as i always search for that feeling, for him..
i always end up with one realization..
that you can never teach your heart, nor can you force
to be in love with somebody else...]
it always feels good to fall
and i always look forward to that very day
that i will confidently say to all
"that at last ive found the one"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What color best describes love?

What color best decribes love?....

...for all we knew, red best describes it, during valenstines, red dominates the
season of love, it best expersses coursthip and love if roses are red..
ballons, candies and stuif toys are saleble duing valentines..
have we every wonder why?

actually love has no definites colors, nor does cupid prescribed any..
its just actually our common cultures and practices that prescribed what is acceptable
and what is being accepted by the social stigma...

personally, i go with pink,..for love
not because it my personal favorite but
its how i am being expressed as a person..
its actualy a color of feminiity
a color for for ladylike
a color best suited for good listener
for being gentle, caring
and above all
for being sweet...

as it all speaks
thats what's
for me

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

rants and thoughts

"Yes..its really sad to belong to someone else
when the right one comes along"
-----how could you say, youre falling to someone else,
when your with committed to somebody else..
would you say, you just woke up, realizing that
he's not anymore a part of your dream,
or would you just tell him that..
you were not there to cath me
as i fall......

sulpicio updates

This is the picture of mv princess of the stars after the tragedy, as shown in the picture, the rescuing team would have a hard time getting the bodies of the passsengers considering the weight of the ship, plus they also discovered toxic chemicals inside. The search and rescue team decided to ask help form the marine experts as to how they would best rescue the passengers taken too into consideration, protecting the sea and to prevent oil leakage.