Saturday, July 16, 2011

Missing You Terribly

It has been my routine to send an sms to my man after i woke up and before i go to sleep. My honey decided to subscribe to an international plan wherein i was included in the package so i could text him anytime i want to and he can call me anytime of the day at an unlimited span. We sometimes felt weird because we used to spent so many time talking to each other when we just exchange sms from time to time. These days, ive been so busy because of our product orientation and of course because of the so many things that i need to do at home. I sometimes forge to send him a morning greetings because i woke up late most of the time that i end up cramming early in the morning. I realized that i forgot to send him a message yesterday because i was pretty busy shopping. Last night, he called me up multiple times but too bad i left my phone in my room. I was pretty guilty when he texted me and told me that he is worried, he said he just want me to tell him that im safe and he will not bother anymore. I am really touched because i knew i sometimes neglect my man but honestly there was no single moment where i left him out of my mind. I am proud to say that i am loyal and faithful to him and to my committment for the relationship. He is at work now and might text him before he went out of work. We will be celebrating our birthday in few months to go and i am working for a surpise gift for him. I hope he would really like it because its one of the reasons why i am quite busy these days.

I really cant wait anymore for the day that we will spend time together. He is planning to get a month vacation and hopefully his schedule will pemit our plans. I have so many things on list that i wanted to do while im with him. BUt of course, part of it is an escapade somewhere near our place if my partner would agree with it coz he just wanted to roam in the city and hates long travel. Honestly, i had a misconception before that foreigner were a bit strict because of the different culture orientation. Ive thought they were so meticulous and maybe demanding but i was wrong because he is absolutely sweet though tackless most of the time. I was pretty sensitive at the beginning but i can already adjust to his personality. But, he is quite a jealous type,(sssshhhhhh). But its really not a big deal.

Hmm, time for to take a shower. Have a great weekend guys.