Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love YOu Too

Hehehhe, i really cant help but smile, when magicmercury leaved me message about his review on my site. I am overwhelmed about those flowery stuff. But i am thankful, really appreciate it. To you dear, i am very willing to help u in any way and hope this will paved the way for a great friendship.

Check out his review guys about my site:

"Pretty in PInk is the recent website which captivated my thoughts and mood. I like the author vey much because she doesn't boast herself by saying everything postively. I like the way which mentioned that she is unperfect at times. I love you katty, I like people who are open with their mind. moody, sensitive and selfish are the characters which attracted me more. You are really an angel in a fairy tale with pink stuffs around in you. I am attached with you in love and would like to hear more from you. Though you live in philippines we are connected with each other through this large network which bound our feelings. I beleive my love and affection grows will remain unchange as you sowed the seed in my heart. I Liked your tatoo which is placed at your back, it really captivated my mood of sex. I would like to see your handsome face. Hope we can make income through this internet by sharing more of our ideas and get in touch with each other for ever."

GReat Way To Earn

Have you heard about mylot? I guess most of you do, but some i guess its their first time to hear about the site. The site is actually a discussion site, but the great thing you will be rewarded just by participating and not only that they have available tasks too. I feel awesome with the site coz last monday i have 4 available tasks worth $5 each and i really want to take them all unfortunately it took me about an hour to complete my first task and when i refresh the site the other tasks were already expired but really thankful coz though some tasks are just worth cents but its really worth. I am really recommending this site to all of u guys, just participate with the discussion and that's it, having fun while earning!