Saturday, April 24, 2010


A pastor once quote on one of his sermon that the secret to a wonderful life is to be more FORGIVING. I dont know if youll agree with me but i say its the key to have a total peace of mind and it creates a wonderful feeling both inisde and out. MOney cant buy happiness, that is true but they say will u be happy if you dont have money? if you dont have food in your table? if you dont have the chance to have all the luxuries in life? Yes money does matters but it doesnt mean that it creates a big space in our heart to have a fullfilling life nor it does creates a genuine smile. yes it creates temporay smile because we have attained our material wishes and dreams but at teh end of the day, the smile vanished when we realized that tehre is always lacking in our life and that is GENUINE HAPPINESS. They say in order to attain to that is to be more contented on what we have and perhaps learn to understand more, be more patient, be more loving, bemore kind, be more thoughtful and to add extra effort on what we normally do towards others. Anyway, theres no additional costs on it unlike extra rice and other xtras and add ons on our favorite value meal. Lesson: Be more forgiving, even just in one day, who knows we might like it?