Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loud Launch: Outstanding Customer Service

Loudlaunch has been in the paid blogging service for quite sometime and this very day i want to give them an extra credit for having had an impressive customer assistance. Of course, each site has a unique support staff but this site really amaze me much. They are responsive to every blogger needs, they have friendly staff and above all they give superb service to every advertiser.

In fairness to them, they are the only site that offers post editing and that they make sure that before the post goes live, the advertiser will benefit the most of every penny they pay for blog advertising. They also make sure that advertisers can get the most of the service. Talking about shortlisting top caliber bloggers and to that they make sure that their client's needs be broadcast in a portal where one has sufficient traffic. Apart from that, clients get speedy and fast transaction. They just have 48 hours to accept the post and same grace period to verify. It means that every time a post is assigned to you, in a matter of days the post must be live so as to serve the client perfectly.

To business owners who wants to experience the best blog advertising out there there's only one i can proudly recommend and that's no other than Loudlaunch. A big thumbs up to the staff. You're doing an excellent job.