Monday, February 8, 2010

Personal Saint: St. Jude

I remember a college friend way back on my teen days, when sometimes life was a bit ricky, she will always reminds me that life has its own ups and downs, and instead of being frustrated when time came that we are on our downfall, lets stop worrying and just have faith, and everything will just be alrught in time. I used to believe that until now, when i felt i am bounded by frustrations and pain, i end up praying so that GOD will take aways all my worries and fears. And indeed, it vanished. I dont know if you heared the story of St. Jude, He is the saint of the impossible, i actually dont have any idea about him until a great friend introduces me to him. Since we were in the same room before, i usually asked him who was JUDE, coz he just named him JUDE and he was always included in our conversation, not until i was left alone in the roon and noticed a statue that looks like a saint, when she arrived i asked her, if she was the JUDE she was telling to me, and she said yes. True, i never once believe in him but not until HE has proved how good he was, HE has made a lots of miracles and made the impossible possible. He is a great friend and a confidante. Now he is my personal saint, and i just love talking and communicating with him, He is really like a bestfriend to me and my personal saviour, so now when things really fall out, i just kept in my mind that St. Jude is there for me, always. To those who dont know yet of my friend JUDE, pls do just knock at his doorsteps and he will help those who invoked his aid, that's a promise.

Hearts Day

Funny how everyone were all excited for the coming of the most anticipated day for lovers. Some may even booked already flowers or stuff toys for their significant others. BUt for those who are loveless like me, i ought not to think about it instead. Last year was very memorable for me, we were together with my ex and had a great celebration. Yes, i sometimes envy those girls who were really so lucky to have their special someone with them, but i dont think i settled for less. I have my ever supportive, understanding and patient friend whom i considered the closest man i ever had now. Valentines maybe romantic in the real sense but nothing is more ideal and meaningful than to have someone you can share in happiness and in pain, and much more than the box of chocolates or flowers, my man is still incomparable. Nothing beats than to have him in your life.