Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pretty Busy on Saturday

I've thought i can go with my brother for mall hopping today together with her partner but i was wrong. The partner told me that we can't talk by 11 am and instead he will just go online 2 pm my time so i don't have any choice but to come online this afternoon. While waiting for honey, i am making this day productive. I'm working on my backlogs and submitting some requirements to a new B2B site. I was chosen to work with them in terms of publishing their guest posts. I'm thankful indeed that i have the chance to work with them as they just send invitation to blog owners who passed their stringent process and luckily i was included in the shortlist process.

What amazed me, they sent come contracts to fill in and make an electronic signature. As blog owner, you are guaranteed for few contents and stable money income weekly. They set the price too so what you just do is to signed up for your conformity. It's another blessing indeed.

So, hows you day doing guys? Are you enjoying your weekend?