Saturday, February 6, 2010


I remember my bestfriend whom i was so close with, he was the only guy i was really so close in all my batchmates, when i was suspended during my college years, he initiated a protest against the management coz he felt the later did not exercise fully my students right. Because he was the school studentry president, he was also suspended by the school administrator for what he has done, but he simply accepted it because he doesnt want to leave me alone. That doesnt stops there. Two years ago, i was rushed to the hospital because of over-fatigue, the rest of my office mates were really worried because i was just alone there. Since David is a constant caller, they called him up and told them what happened. SO he immedietly took his leave and takes good care of me. He was there when i celebrated my birthday at the hospital, he was there when i cried so hard because my former bf betrayed me, he was there when the world seems so unfair on my side. I remember last year on my birthday, he made an specialy delivery of ballons and chocolates to my office and gave a simple yet meaningful card. Our friendship was tested by time and of trials and shortcomings. Yet we remain strong and proved a concrete union bound by trust and of great value to each other. I use not to trust men by then not until my bestfriend proved to me that you cant really knew a man exactly not even the way he dressed or the way he smile, its with the chance to be with him and as you surpass the challenge of time that you can really know if he is worth keepin for.
I am not closing my doors for someone or for anyone, as clarence says, i wouldnt stop loving until i find my perfect match. Its when u strive for unconditional love that would make love worth fightin for. And this journey has just started.....

Clarence's NOte

"Love is exactly what it implies..simply LOVE. Sometimes its offered and given without hestitation, and sometimes its given and offered with reservations,its what humans do. The key is to strive to LOVE unconditionally"

I wanted to start this post by sharing to you one of the comments in my previous post given by Clarence, I am really so touched of his comment really, coz true enough LOVE is given without hesitations but somehow there are also cases that it is given with reservations. As i was done redaing his comment i began to realize, true indeed, we are hurt sometimes because there are expectations from our partner and somehow we are demanding something from our significant others over things that should not be. First, we should try to accept some facts that love is a gift and not an obligation, thats why there are lots of brokenhearted because they felt their partner did not do what they expect them to do. Luckily i can say that i am fortunate that i met someone who was really an open-minded. Now i realize his point, you are right babe..why dont we enjoy what we have and lets see what we can do soon. I am wrong of rushing things out this time, im sorry if i was being so emotional, maybe because i didnt understand what you fully mean by then. Its just good that you are a good person and that you had the patience to embrace my imperfections.
I would love if we can talk things out in the phone babe, coz you knew how much i missed you already..I love u so much.