Friday, August 26, 2011

Search Tool @ Ebay

Do you love online shopping? Well, i am not an exemption too. In fact, i usually check hot items online and normally i shop at eBay. The site is known for being safe and where online shoppers flocked. When i visit the site, i normally search for fashionable items and bid with it. Gladly, i found out recently about this search tool Its actually a No-Bid Auctions Ending Soon tool. Its helpful especially if you are trying to scout for undervalued items. Try out this search tool next time you visit the site.

I knew it....

Wooot...I knew its my lucky day. I grab 10 tasks and has in queue for sponsored reviews. Its an amazing day. I am loaded with online blessings and the week is over productive. Just in time coz i will be celebrating my birthday and God is so good to me for giving me all the wonderful gifts he had showered me. I'm really just asking for a good health so that i could have all the energy to finish all these stuff. Have a great day like i have.Smile

Celebrate Life

Each one of us has own reason why we love our life. I do have my fair share too but i don't want to open up first coz i don't want to give false hope to myself. But one thing is TRUE, he makes my life complete. (wink). Anyway, the start of my day was fantastic. I just couldn't help but share my positive vibes. My hubby woke me up and it just completes my day. His little sweet thoughts really amazed me. I hope he will continue to be one. We don't have wealth to brag so i will just content myself with his sms and sweet stuff. Anyway, for a background of my only love, he is just a utility man. He just rents his room. That's why he really works so hard so that when he moved in here, we can at least share a little food. I realized its not richness nor money that keeps us together. Its our own struggle to keep the flame burning. Stay in love guys.