Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What to do when jeoulosy happens

Well, to those gals out there who are in a relationship, for sure this one is a very helpful tip:

What to do when jealousy happens :

Here are four steps to help you turn jealousy into a positive force:

1. When you feel jealous, realize that it is a sign of how much you care for your partner. Make a point of being affectionate and caring. Tell them just how special and great they are. Chances are, they will focus even more attention on you and forget about anyone else.
2. Journal about the negative self-talk that jealousy brings up for you. For every negative statement, write a positive one. For example, if you write, "I have ugly acne," add a sentence like "My eyes are a gorgeous blue." This will actually help you rewire your brain circuitry in a positive way!
3. Notice what qualities make you jealous. Is it the fact that the other person is in great shape? Or that they are sensual? Make a plan to work on yourself so that you develop some of those same qualities.
4. When you are feeling jealous, think about what you might need from your partner. And use positive and straight talk to ask for it. For example, you might say, "Honey, I would love it if you would rub my shoulders and kiss the nape of my neck."

A Great Wednesday Morning

A great morning to everyone, well hows your day?mine was a bit so busy, hence i woke up late today and consecutively i arrived at the office about one hour late..hehehe.I was habing a bit trouble on my dysmenorhea, too bad. and i have scheduled trips today, to visit our rotesserie outlets outside of Ormoc. Its going to be a very tiring day for me. Hope you can pay visit here.

Take care always