Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Update

Happy Sunday Folks, im up for an update. Im actually just done finishing some tasks on my other portals and my day would never be complete if i will not share some update here. The usual sunday where we would prepare extra special food didnt materialize today because its just me and the brother at home. But it didnt stopped us from giving this day an extra lift especially that its a day after our usual payday. We agreed with the brother to try some sea foods and bought some desserts. Its kinda funny because we end up cooking a different menu because we were afraid to take some risks. At the end of the day, we are kinda fulfilled living just the two of us temporarily. I realised its kinda different when youre parents are there who would prepare things for you. We are not just used in waking up early to prepare breakfast and other minor stuff but now we take turns of working on some household chores. Well, i knew my mom and dad enjoy their travel.