Sunday, May 16, 2010


I believe that love is about commitment and the state where you are willing to commit your self wholly to the one person your heart is aiming and wishing for. However not all instance love can inspired us, sometimes it caused us headache and sometimes we may asked, the possibility of two people to be together because of lots of hindrance and relationship bumps. But whatever it is isnt it good to accept the challenge coz at the end of the day, love will find its ways.


I couldnt believe its so so hot today, while we were enjoying going out and have a good dine outside, its the super hot atmosphere that pissed us off. Its not that normal sunlight that you can feel, instead its like peeling your skin. Anyway, we went to mass at the bassilica de Sto Nino and it was a great mass, i enjoyed the mass here coz its totally different, everyone is encouraged to participate in the singing and other chucrh activities. After that we room around the city and enjoy the fruits and specialties of the place, like the ever favorite pakwan and other native delicacies. I did had fun rooming aorund the city while its so hot, but enevertheless i enjoy the day. What more am i looking for? well now the buddy is outside, and im left home.