Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help MY Cause

By Nature i am a people person, i also have a soft heart to people i knew less fortunate than ours. To make it short, i will be celebrating my birthday next month and i just want to make it extra special. Special in the sense that i want to do something for other people than more of myself. I knew i am not that well-off nor i have lots of extra bucks but what really matters in the end is that i made a difference in a single day in my small endeavor. Lately while we walk down at the city proper, our hearts was touched by this street children who were digging the trash at the garbage bags, and i wanted to make a different celebration this time, i said maybe a little sandwich on my birthday will really put a different smile in their face.Instead of planning a treat for my friends, i will just celebrate it with them. To those who would like to share something for these little angels. Help my cause and make my birthday a meaningful one.